dc/dc converter

  1. L

    Senior Project Design with DC Brushed Motor

    Hi all, I’m studying electrical engineering at university and I’m working on putting together an electric bike for my senior project . I have an old brushed DC hub motor and three new rechargeable 12V lead-acid batteries that have a capacity of 15Ah each. I also have a bike frame that fits my...
  2. D

    charging haibike yamaha battery via 12v DC (plug in a motorhome / RV / car)

    I want to do some car / RV camping with the bike. The RV has two 6volt 95 amp hour AGM batteries. The AGM batteries are connected to a 750 watt inverter. Does anyone know if ok to plug the AC battery charger into the motorhome inverter to charge the batteries? Do I need to a get a different...
  3. Christophe

    Haibike Sduro Fullnine RC 2015 model Lights outlet specifications or USB adapter

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the oultlet type and voltage on the lights wire on the -- 2015!! -- Haibike Yamaha PWseries mid mounted engine? Is it possible to find a DC/DC USB converter - or ANY other DIY solution - to be able to charge a 5v device (GPS-iPhone) while riding?? Thanks!