1. eqptxjimmy

    Causes for spokes coming off? 2-week old Magnum Metro+

    Hey guys, Had this bike for about two weeks, so far I've rode it for 150 miles and haven't had any complications. Yesterday, I was making a left turn on the street. I rode up to the red light, when it turned green I accelerated on the turn and than pedaled mid turn. As I pedaled, I felt the...
  2. Barkme Wolf

    Radwagon Derailleur system upgrade suggestions

    I want to upgrade the shifting system on my Radwagon. Any advice would be nice- :) Although I am usually dirt poor, I have a few dollars to put into the bike. I am getting a Thudbuster seatpost and a Diamond Back pillow top saddle. Looking into changing out the handle bars as well. Most...
  3. KamyFC

    Hub motor based e-bikes and Gear cassettes

    Hi guys, I had a question regarding e-bikes and Gears. And this is related to Hub motor based e-bikes and not Mid Drive systems. Usually in a normal cycle - we have a 7 speed or a 9 speed cassette at the back and a 3 speed cassette at the front. So that makes it a 7 * 3 = 21 speed gear system...