1. 1

    Bafangusadirect review

    Hi, I wanted to post my experience with my bafang kit I purchased about Feb 2018 from www.bafangusadirect.com the super short review for those that don't wanna read my long winded review is I have absolutely loved it if your thinking about buying one do it!!! Now for some details: I...
  2. Bill R

    Pon Holdings makes offer to buy Accell Group Parent of Haibike

  3. O

    New guy here, need smart/experienced assistance!

    Hello, I'm brand new to the e bike scene. I live in Wisconsin so, my riding season is rather short compared to those of you who live farther south. I'm around 5'10", 200#. I have a 2005 Diamondback Coil EX & need your input as to if this bike is worth building on. I'd use it for light woods...
  4. Darrin Roush

    New DB Overdrive range discrepancy?

    I have a new Diamondback Overdrive (aka iZip Peak) that I'm concerned there may be a battery issue with. Court's review page indicates that it should have a range of 25-45 miles. My bike is indicating a range of 16-33 miles with a fully changed battery. This is more in line with the iZip Peak...