direct drive hub

  1. W

    RadCity direct drive motor

    Why does the Rad City ship with a direct drive motor. Most every other eBike I have checked out uses a geared motor. This is more fully loaded bike with fenders, etc; perhaps this is a way to keep the cost down? Would this be an issue for the long term? Are there better alternatives?
  2. Ravi Kempaiah

    Hub Motor Vs Mid-drive comparison

    My friend, Adam has put together this awesome, scientific video comparison between his two drive systems. Few months ago, he published this excellent article about commuting on E-bikes and cheating. There is an existing notion that mid-drives are better hill climbers. That's true with a...
  3. P

    Best bike feel: Geared vs direct drive hubs

    For me the ideal for electric assist is a quiet application of power on top of my own pedal input. I want to input the same human power as my unassisted bikes, but be moving much faster. As such I have been analyzing kit systems with strain gages. I am seriously considering the eZee geared...