1. J

    Alternative Shifters

    I have a physical impairment with my right hand where I have issues with dexterity and weak fingers. I am interested in purchasing the Juiced RipCurrent S or a Surface 604 Shred. I am concerned about being able to shift gears. They are both 9 speeds and the RipCurrent S has the Shimano Altus...
  2. E

    Ebikemike here from Mount Dora Florida

    Due to a terrible auto accident I no longer own or drive a car. In January 2019 I bought a sailboat to live on in Islamorda in the florida Keys. I researched and purchased a DYU D1. This is a very small ebike/escooter that i could fold into a kayak and transport to and from my boat, as well as...
  3. ebikemom

    Welcome to Disability and Ebiking

    A wonderful thing about ebiking is how it augments a person's ability to ride a bike, making MORE possible than what was possible before. This enables ebiking to have a positive impact on the lives of people whose mobility has been limited by physical problems, autism, developmental disability...
  4. irenewg13

    Retro fit ebikes - parts for cognitive and physical disabilities.

    Anyone know of any sources, ebike specific? Thanks Irene