1. Ritchiec87

    Advanced settings on controller

    So I accidentally went into the P & C settings and might have changed some of the values. Can somone cycle through the values for me to give me the default numbers so that I can revert back to the original P & C values. Would appreciate it alot! I emailed qualisports about it and they keep...
  2. LostCat

    tons of research later, here's the ebike I got

    Finally chose my first e-bike and did a video about it to help others who are in heavy research mode. This is the Qualisports DOLPHIN folding e-bike w/battery is in the seat post. AND it has a throttle. Avg 30 miles PAS. Here's some footage of set up, first ride and the custom add-ons that made...
  3. W

    Selling Used Radrover battery 2016-2017

    I am selling Used Ebike Battery 48v 11.6ah 2016/2017 RadRover RadWagon and RadCity. Condition is Used. Only 850 miles on this battery, it includes the key and the mounting rail. This would be good to use as a second battery. I am selling thru ebay.
  4. walawn

    Changing the 48V dolphin battery case on the Radrover. Step by step.

    Ok, so as some of you who follow this forum may know, the first week I had my new Radrover I was an idiot. I went out for a multi-hour afternoon ride and didn't lock my battery onto the frame with the key. Of course it wasn't until the last few miles that I hit a bump that sent it flying off the...