1. P

    Haibike Xduro 29 inch Bosch ebike for sale derestricted

    Haibike Trekking Electric Bike ebike S pedalec 29 inch Bosch dong. Condition is "Used". Haibike xduro trekking large frame. (52cm) I’m 5 foot 10 inches. Perfect battery and motor only covered just over 1000 miles. Needs a service as gears need fine tuning in high range but can still useable in...
  2. Albe215

    Haibike All Mountain Pro Question/Help

    Hi there, I purchased a Haibike All Mountain Pro 2016 and got it about 3 months ago. I absolutely love the bike and I'm always looking for ways to improve. Specifically, I like many others, want to find a way to go beyond the 20mph limit. I have tried the Dongle in the past(this is my second...
  3. J


    Is there a consensus on which Dongle has emerged as the most reliable? I would like more assist available on the flats, flow. Important for me in order: 1) native motor shifting still works; 2) system is reliable (I ride often in the outback); 3) display glitchyness minimized; 4) display data...