e-bike commute

  1. nilbox3693

    Introducing Calamus C-Vision

    Hello guys! We are a team of young designers and engineers from India with an aim to build a premium e-bike that is affordable for everyone. We want to build a bike that is for the people, listening to the problems and the requirements of the current e-bike users. We have created a small survey...
  2. Nicolas

    One Year Test Riding a Genze e101

    GenZe lent me theire 101 e-bike about a year ago. Overall, I’ve been impressed with the bike considering the quality for that price. Is it perfect? Maybe not, but that also depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is. Is it good enough? It is well above what I expected. I see this...
  3. Lenny

    A car replacement? YES!

    One of our friend, Adam sent us this video and we were WOW'ed by his effort and scientific approach. You may remember he had made a video a month ago comparing an ST2 with Focus mid-drive. Now, he is taking it to another level. This is such a detailed, analytical approach to comparing E-bike Vs...