1. N

    Specialized Vado 4.0 - Beware

    SPECIALIZED E-BIKE OWNERS – BEWARE … We wanted you to feel like you were on a “regular” bike, but that somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. Our core mission still hasn’t changed. It’s now, and forever will be, our promise for every Turbo: It’s You, Only Fast. The above caption is right from...
  2. jonathankopp

    Elby S-1 9-Speed in Orange, Like New -- SOLD

    Elby 9-speed, orange e-bike. Barely used (134 mi.), like new. Awesome for commuting, errands, getting around. For sale in NYC by original owner. Asking $1,500. - 500W rear-hub BionX D-Series motor yields up to 80 miles on a single charge. Both throttle speed-control and 4 levels of pedal...
  3. abishov

    E-Bikes with 750w+ motors available in Europe

    Hi everyone! I live in Norway and here regulations require bikes running 250w+ engines to be registered as motorcycles. Hence, most bikes on the market are coming with 250w motors, that I feel won't be enough to climb steep hills (and Oslo is full of them). Especially, when paying around $3K...
  4. Thoracius

    Looking for all-weather, rural-friendly commuter, must ship to Iceland

    Hello. New here and looking for some guidance. I want my energy levels and the weather to no longer influence whether I can be bothered to bike to town (which is 20km/13mi and a couple long steep hills away)! To that end, I'm looking for an e-bike that can get me there and back, rain or shine...
  5. R

    Selling Rad Rover and Rad Mini. Also selling Hollywood 2 bike rack-upstate NY

    We bought recumbent trikes so no longer use these. They are 2018 with many updates. More pictures and info available on request.
  6. A

    Used Izip for $800 or Bafang kit + Masi converted into E-bike for 1300??

    Hi! Trying to decide btw a used Izip E3 Vibe for $800 or Bafang Kit converting a Masi Strada Vita bike into e-bike for $1300. My local bike shop recommends converting a Masi (or other nice bike) into E-bike with the bafang kit, which they do all the labor for. And that means they can do all...
  7. Electric Bike Company

    6 More Days Left To Order For Christmas

    Hello Bike Enthusiasts! If you have been interested in purchasing one of our models as a potential gift for a loved one, please act quickly as our period for accepting Christmas orders is coming to a close in 6 Days! If you would like more information on our bikes either check out our website...
  8. iik

    E-cycle touring in Switzerland - from 1-2 days to a week

    Thought I would share info about this route, which has recently opened in Switzerland. If you are ever in Switzerland and would like to explore the country, a new e-cycling route has been open that pretty much crosses the entire country. This route goes along the Jura mountain range and can be...
  9. Electric Bike Company

    Electric Bike Company Servicing

    Electric Bike Company has teamed up with a mobile bike mechanic Velofix which provides a nationwide service in which a customer can receive repairs at both a bike shop or out on the road! Watch our Youtube Video on the subject to learn more about how we manufacture and service our bikes, along...
  10. Electric Bike Company

    Electric Bike Company Now Offers Seven Speed Mechanical Gears

    The Electric Bike Company has just released a new Drivetrain option, a Seven Speed Mechanical Gear! Now the choice is yours! When you go under the Color Customization tab you can now select from a Single Speed or a Seven Speed drivetrain option! For more information watch our Youtube Video on...
  11. YuriyLogvin

    PowerWatcher 3.0 - Android Dashboard for EV

    Hello everyone! We've just released PowerWatcher 3.0 Yay! This device collects various data from your electric transportation device and displays it on your Android smartphone. You can control the energy consumption of the battery in different modes of movement, receive a lot of useful...
  12. Lin B

    Review: My OneMotor drive (formerly Shareroller)

    I've now had my 1M for a little over a week or so. I'll try to discuss it in a logical sequential manner. First, packaging was excellent, everything had a cut out in a padded box. There were no instructions in the box, but that's because Jeff hasn't completed them yet and early backers are...
  13. Bikepark167

    Hello from San Clemente California!!

    We have so many fun trails to ride out here in Southern California. I am lucky enough to have time to pedal and ride my E-bike daily. I have been testing a lot of e-bikes lately and this is my latest one. I rode the Intense Tazer for about a week and really liked it! I own a 19 Giant Trance...
  14. Simba

    Magnum Mi5 E-Bike for sale (New York City)

    Good condition. Has throttle, phone holder case and bell still attached on to handle bars I also have a extra battery, two chargers and two Foldylock Compact bike locks for sale if you want to add on more items. Electronic Details: Motor: 8Fun – Rear-Mounted Geared Hub 350 watt Battery...
  15. A

    65% OFF! 20" Foldable Eike MF-19 From Maxfoot

    Hi there, The most streamlined 20-inch fat tire electric folding bike from Maxfoot in the market is launching on Indiegogo tomorrow. Now we start the good selling E-bike season,don't miss the huge discount : 65% OFF,shop now and expand your business,making it one of the most affordable e-bike...
  16. mwtada

    Is there an inexpensive (but not garbage) e-bike for an 11 year old kid?

    I am trying to find an e-bike option, for my son. No luck finding anything that is not just garbage, or costs thousands of dollars. I would like to keep the cost under $500-$600, but I don't think there is such a thing. We have mostly flat roads, around here. But, we have to go down and up a...
  17. JackA

    PIM Battery Reviews and Comments

    This thread is intended for reviews and comments about Power In Motion battery packs, charging and use.
  18. M

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Jeremiah, I am from St.Petersburg Florida. I ride my bike to and from work, (about 15 miles total) each day. I am almost 40 year's old and started developing hip problem's. I do not like car's so I started searching for a better bike. Then I decided to take a e-bike for a ride! I fell...
  19. T

    E-bike Controls Survey

    Hello E-bike enthusiasts! I am a Dutch 4th year Industrial Product Design student and for my bachelors graduation project I need your help! I am interested in learning more about the users of E-bikes and what they think of the current E-bike controls, at the moment I am doing a graduation...
  20. JackA

    Sun Tour Quick Loc

    I do not usually need to remove the front wheel but recently did so that the PIM would fit into the back of a friend's vehicle. Was I amazed when I saw this Sun Tour Quick Loc through axle? Well, yes I was. I think there was some documentation about this when we un-boxed the new Benny but I...