ebike laws

  1. Chris Nolte

    Video: Why People for Bikes is Advocating for eBikes, Kids on Bikes & Bike Infrastructure

    Rod Judd from People for Bikes did a great presentation at Bosch eBikes five year anniversary party. He covered many topics including their new Ridespot App, trail access for eBikes and how getting kids on bikes can improve our future. More about People for Bikes at: PeopleForBikes.org
  2. J.R.

    Pennsylvania eBike Regulations *Incl. eMTB

    Pennsylvania officially legalized ebikes in 2014. This happened long before there were class designations. The law is simple, it essentially legalized class 1 & 2 ebikes. https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/li/uconsCheck.cfm?yr=2014&sessInd=0&act=154&mobile_choice=suppress The...
  3. D

    Hello from Long Island, New York

    Hi all, New to the forums and really looking to consider an ebike for commuting. I've been an avid cyclist and commuter for years with my old steel Schwinn touring bike. However, I recently had to drop off the kids to school before work and trying to make it to work has me in a bind to use a car...
  4. D

    UK eBike Laws

    I wondered how UK e-bike laws differed from the rest of the world? UK law : Riders must be 14 or older. On the road, e-bikes are classified as pedal bicycles and can be used in public spaces and cycle lanes. You can’t a speeding ticket but you can be booked for dangerous or careless...
  5. James Kohls

    Outdoor advocacy group moves to block e-bikes in New Zealand national park

    An outdoor advocacy group is protesting outdoor trails designed for electric bikes that could be set for New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park. https://cyclingindustry.news/outdoor-advocacy-group-moves-to-block-e-bikes-in-new-zealand-national-park/