1. K

    Bigger front chain ring (FastRoad E+ EX 2021)

    Hey! Was wondering where to search bigger chain rings, availability is very poor locally in Finland. I'm also quite new to bike hardware and parts so I don't know which front chainring would fit in my bike. I know it's fitted on 4 screws and that the original chainring size is 42, id like to go...
  2. Solarcabin

    2021 in Review: The E-Bike Revolution Hits the Streets It's an e-bike spike as they are finally treated as transportation, not toys. (article)

    In This Article Why Bikes and E-Bikes Are the Fastest Ride to Zero Carbon Specialized E-Bikes Are Climate Action What Is Needed for an E-Bike Revolution? Why Are E-Bike Regulations So Random? BMW Introduces E-Bike With 186-Mile Range, 37 MPH Speed Politicians and Planners Are Missing the E-Bike...
  3. A

    Switch and adjust gears

    An e-bike's handlebars allow you to control the gears and pedal assist system. The lower the shift lever number on an electric bicycle, the easier it is to pedal. The number of gears is directly related to the difficulty of motor work. The lower the gear, the more your e-bike relies on the...
  4. A

    Ebikes in the USA Now a Top Priority

    President proposes purchase subsidy.Domestic politics in the USA currently know only one topic – US President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act. The Verge reports that The bill may be in its final stages before approval, giving it a strong chance of landing. The package of measures is intended...
  5. nishanthps

    Loading 60+lbs ebike onto Hitch Mast Style rack arms using climbing rope and top tube adapter

    We preordered the new specialized turbo como 5.0 2022 ebike which has a step through frame and weighs 60+lbs. We recently bought a pricey Hitch Rack from Yakima (https://tinyurl.com/uzaxbvju) which has a mast style rack with two arms. I realized mounting the como with step through frame on this...
  6. Pjavier

    Eahora x7 not turning on

    I received mi x7 yesterday and charged it up followed the instructions for turning it on and I won’t start. I put the key in turned it all the way until the key can’t be taken out, then I pressed the lighting button on the key fob, then pressed the unlock button and pressed pressed the on button...
  7. Mr. Zo

    Noob E-Bike owner from Chicago, IL USA

    Hello, I recently purchased an E-Bike(Cheetah), since my kids are old enough to ride now. I grew up riding & working on anything with wheels(some with only 1 wheel). But it’s been awhile since I’ve tinkered with bikes or mechanics in general. It feels like I’m re-learning all over again since...
  8. D

    Daymak EM2 Light-Up Exhaust Pipe?

    Apparently the Daymak EM2 2021 eBikes allow you to be heard, by turning on the built-in exhaust pipes and have them light up, while making real engine noises when you engage the throttle? However it mentions no such thing on the manual nor can I find any info about this on line, other than a...
  9. S

    SuperNova M99 Pure Mini - Initial Testing

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased the SuperNova M99 Pure Mini as an upgrade for one of my eBikes. I have unboxed it and tested it a bit, which you fan find more about here: https://shiruba-technology.blogspot.com/2021/07/supernova-m99-pure-mini-u-boxing-and.html One interesting takeaway is...
  10. MrNoFluFF.com

    TREK DOMANE + HP: Warning Do Not Buy a Trek ebike Domane+ HP/LT Without Watching This Video First!

    UPDATE: 17 DAY OWNERSHIP OWNER’S REVIEW OF MY NEW 2021 TREK DOMANE + HP If you are potential buyer please understand I don't have a dog in the race nor am I bad mouthing the nice people in Trek. I am just sharing with you the problems I have had with 2021 New Trek Domane HP in the 30 days of...
  11. D

    Need help with first purchase of Ebike for my large man.

    Hi, What to buy???? My man wants an Ebike with reg tires not fat tires. I bought him GoSpeed brand (750) super cool looking reg style bike in matt black with 26” fat tires from Costco at a good deal of $1500 (on GoSpeed website was $1800) but he wants to send it back because he says the big...
  12. R

    Bosch ebike mid motor noise performance cx

    Hello i have a video of my ebike motor making weird noise. Anyone know how to fix this? I tried turning the cranks with no chain still makes the same noise. Here is the video link :
  13. Turbo Vado Pip

    Beat the queues. Specialized Turbo Vado 4 available now (Edinburgh, UK) £2400

    Beat the queues. £900 off price new!! Current model Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 eBike available now! This is the very latest and current model Turbo Vado 4.0 in Large frame size as shown on the Specialized UK website. For those of you interested in tech specs, facts and figures, there is no...
  14. RichieFromBoston

    Just got a Bulls

    Never had an ebike ever, Im an overlander meaning I drive my 97 toyota land cruiser all over the USA and do cool stuff, hit crazy trails and try to get it all on video here: So Now Im leaving my folding montague paratrooper pro( that I specced out myself) Home and adding a 1 up bike rack on the...
  15. S

    I’ve recently completed a 2,000km e-bike road test. I want to share with you what I learned.

    The ‘2,000km Teardown’ is the name we’ve given to the short film we’ve created about the 2,000km road test of the PAPERBOY® (an e-bike) which I conducted in the British winter of 2020-21. To put that in context, 2,000km is roughly the distance between our base (Lichfield in central England) and...

    Last 72 hours! 2021 EUNORAU All Wheel Drive FS eBike Indiegogo Campaign!

    This is EUNORAU eBike Team. Due to the Hot eBike Market, All Our Cash Are Prepared for the 2021 Season eBike Production. But We Still need to Launch a New Model to the Market as Planned. The DEFENDER S Model is an All-terrain Powerful eBike Which uses Dual 750W BAFANG Motors gives 2000W Peak...
  17. H

    SRAM GX Eagle Gripshift - suitable for eBikes?

    I’ve ordered a 12 speed Gx Gripshift for my Cube as I’m getting a lot of arthritic thumb pain using the trigger shifts but I just realised that none of SRAM’s grip shifts mention that they are suitable for eBikes. All the trigger shifters seem to have ebike specific variants! Is there any reason...
  18. S

    Quick & Dirty Topeak Tetra Review

    This is a quick blog post about the Tetra M2 Rack + Waterproof bag vs. my eMountain Bike (XM-D2). https://shiruba-japan.blogspot.com/2020/12/tetra-rack-m2.html I doubt anyone on here has the same bike, but I hope this is useful to someone.
  19. J

    Bosch Cobi app with Apple Watch during battery change mid ride?

    Greetings all. I have a Riese and Müller Delight bike with the Bosch system and use the Cobi app to record my rides to my Apple Watch/Fitness app. I change batteries mid ride but do not stop the ride on the app... hoping that it records one long ride, but when I check afterwards, it shows up as...
  20. Rishabh_verma

    Help me build a bike!

    Hi! I'm new to the e-bike world and I'm attempting to build an ebike, I feel like I've done way too much research with everything and confused myself so maybe I could grab some help? Desired max speed on level ground: max 60kph Desired max range: 80km at 40kph I don't have a preferred wheel...