1. M

    Making a new pedal assist system for ebike

    Hi everyone, I’m developing my new BLDC controller for Ebike and I want to share with you some of my progress, I have been working on the pedal assist system based on the cadence sensor and I tried to improve it and make a new Pedal assist system. This new system will scale well to your input...
  2. Tascani

    Brand new Haibike Sduro Fullseven

    Bought this Haibike Sduro Fullseven 7.0 from crazy Lennys in July this year . Paid $4,126.00 asking $3,499 . Ebike has Zero miles in it . Size is Large , should fit anyone between 5’9 to 6’2” This is my 2nd Haibike, they are excellent MTB german made . I am selling cause I work from home now , I...
  3. Tascani

    Brand new a Ebike for sale ( size L )

    Bought this Haibike Sduro Fullseven 7.0 at Crazy Lenny Madison WI in July 2020 . I have never used. Decided to sell it . I paid over $4,000 I am asking $3,499. I rather sell locally
  4. ogonzo

    Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru Display swap

    The standard display only shows battery level & assist level. Are there any displays out there that I could swap out to show more detailed info such as speed and distance traveled?
  5. Xplore Wallke

    XPlore Your World - Post YOUR Rides Here

    Great Sunday Ride - 4 Mile Loop & lots of smaller trails to explore for 2 hours. X3Pro performed extremely well. This trail is well maintained in Saratoga NY and even groomed in the winter, perfect for Fat Tire Wallke bikes! Happy Trails & Stay Safe,
  6. Epheme

    First ebike : 20x4 vs 20x2 and top speed

    Hi, I’m looking into getting my first foldable ebike and I’m wondering, since I’ll be using it mostly in the city on bike path and paved roads, is there an advantage to getting a folding with 20x4 wheels over one with more regular wheels size (20x1,75 to 2). The longest distance I might have to...
  7. S

    Need opinion and advice (Newgen Bike)

    Hello Guys, I have been looking at this bike: https://www.newgenbikes.com/product-page/the-345 and I was wondering if you could help me with your experience and give me advice an though about the specification of the bike. I am desperetly looking for advice considering that this is a young...
  8. brskrblt

    this video helped me a lot

    i bought different model but this brand is enough
  9. R

    My 2004 Electra Rat Fink ebike conversion

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd finally join this forum after seeing the great community helping each other out, apologies as I am a bit of a newbie to ebike world, but am enjoying it so much when it works, it really suits the cruiser style of bike and has been immense fun to ride. I have an Electra...
  10. Lylerocks

    Helo all, thanks for having me

    Hello all, my name is lyle and I have a 1000w fat ebike rear axel drive. I just purchased the trailer I wanted but I knew it would not fit because my bike has a million attachments using up all my anchor points. So I am going to weld a seat post hitch and bar. This is why I am here. Well to be...
  11. UnitedSport&Cycle

    Canadian Bike Shop Looking for Recommendations on Some Cargo eBikes to Carry

    We've had a few customers inquire about getting cargo eBikes from our bike shop. The cargo eBike is one of the few eBike categories that we don't carry right now, but we're definitely open to bringing a few in. Are there any other shop employees on here with some recommendations of a few good...
  12. G

    ***NEW*** Juiced Bikes Club now Juiced Ripcurrent Riders on Google

    Hello Juiced Ripcurrent owners. The Juiced Bikes Club on Google Groups has undergone a change. It's now called JUICED RIPCURRENT RIDERS and focuses ONLY on the Juiced Ripcurrent line of ebikes. This is the ebike we know and love best, so we wanted to fully dedicate our forum to this amazing...
  13. cliveyboy

    Best place to buy Specialized eBike?

    Looking at Specialized ebikes which do not seem to budge too far from SRP in the LA area - are there any highly recommended online bike shops that budge a little on price or do the dealers not have much room to work? My girlfriend who has smaller hands was told the handle grip can be exchanged...
  14. J

    Ebike won't work help

    Hi so Ive been riding it down the street normally and suddenly it doesn't work srsly pissed the model is Alfawise x1 went to get it checked and the parts are all working so we had no clue what could have happened to it here is a video of me pissed explaining whats wrong with it
  15. Bruce Flash

    It's not the best choice, but you know that's the life of a professional ebike man

    This is my second year at BTN ebike, but I have only posted one post on the forum.I want to talk about what have we done over the past year, we registered the company in the United States, for example, our warehouse in North America become more and more big, we go to Shanghai and Denver for...
  16. sedohr

    Can not recommend Himiway due to post-sale support and service

    I had two issues with my purchase of the Himiway Cruiser. 1. I was charged an International bank fee (Bank of America’s) of $40.47.I was unhappy that the website did not inform me that the bank transaction was handled by an off-shore bank and I might be charged a fee. Grace in service was quick...
  17. M

    Lightest ebike kit from Bikee Bike

    Hi guys, I'm Matteo from Bikee Bike. I created this post to answer your questions about the new system we're launching. Also I welcome suggestions, heads up and different points of view. Please feel free to ask for more info, you'll be able to get most of them on the dedicated website...
  18. mitchhackleman

    New Jeep E-Bike????

    Did anybody scope that new Jeep e-bike from their Super Bowl commercial? Looks like they're teaming up with QuietKat for a pretty exciting take on an outdoors style e-bike. Here's the video in case anyone missed it! Has anyone seen it in person? or have any experience with QuietKat bikes...
  19. P

    For sale: Complete Grin Technologies Kit + 26.5-Ah battery

    I am selling a full kit to convert your Surly Puglsey or other fat bike into an efficient all season commuting bike. Kit details, high quality components from Grin Technologies in Vancouver, BC: • V3 Cycle Analyst, note: speedometer readout not available with sensorless operation, but have...
  20. C

    SOLD: 48V 17.5Ah New Ebike Marketplace Shark 2 Battery and Charger for Sale - $400

    Brand new battery and charger. Bought with the intention of getting an older ebike working but decided to get an all new ebike instead. Battery retails for $580 at ebike marketplace and the charger retails for $50. Asking $400. Prefer local sale but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. Battery...