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  1. Tascani

    Brand new Haibike Sduro Fullseven ( Madison WI)

    Bought this Haibike Sduro Fullseven 7.0 from crazy Lennys in July this year . Paid $4,126.00 asking $3,499 . Ebike has Zero miles in it . Size is Large , should fit anyone between 5’9 to 6’2” This is my 2nd Haibike, they are excellent MTB german made . I am selling cause I work from home now , I...
  2. Electric Bike Company

    Tire Comparison

    We here at EBC strive to find the highest quality materials that we can source to build our bikes. This includes everything from our handlebars all the way down to our choice in tires. Recently, we conducted an experiment on the Top 5 rated tires [Kenda, Maxxis, Schwable, Continental, & Rhino]...
  3. Electric Bike Company

    Electric Bike Company Servicing

    Electric Bike Company has teamed up with a mobile bike mechanic Velofix which provides a nationwide service in which a customer can receive repairs at both a bike shop or out on the road! Watch our Youtube Video on the subject to learn more about how we manufacture and service our bikes, along...
  4. Electric Bike Company

    Electric Bike Company Now Offers Seven Speed Mechanical Gears

    The Electric Bike Company has just released a new Drivetrain option, a Seven Speed Mechanical Gear! Now the choice is yours! When you go under the Color Customization tab you can now select from a Single Speed or a Seven Speed drivetrain option! For more information watch our Youtube Video on...
  5. Lefre

    FOR SALE: 2019 Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 21.5aH 48v battery - Los Angeles (Rowland Heights 91748)

    My fourth ebike and decided it wasn't what I'm looking for. Perfect time to ride with Spring here and the rain storms are gone! Received 4/15/19 Only 21 miles on the bike 35mph top speed 60-80 miles per charge with PAS 1000W rated, 1500W (peak) power Torque assist + PAS (cadence assist) +...
  6. Enki Cycles

    Enki Cycles' Billy Preorder

    Hey EBR community, Just letting you know that our latest preorder promotion is ending July 31st. For those of you who missed out on the recent shipment, this is your chance to ensure you get your very own Billy this year. Preorders will receive: + Free USA shipping + Free extra battery (so, 2...
  7. Gator

    Ohioians!!! Act Now!!!

    I posted this a couple of days ago in another thread: "In Ohio House Bill 250 passed the house 90-0 so now the bill is in the Senate Transportation Committee. If you live in Ohio call your senators, voice your support, and request that they bring the bill out of committee and put it up for a...
  8. P

    The Tesla of bikes has arrived! Introducing the Lauva e-bike! Now on kickstarter

    A breakthrough in e-bike style and function. Help support this beautiful product on kickstarter and feel good that you will also be supporting the preservation of the Lion population, the inspiration behind the design.
  9. Matthew Losey

    Favourite ebike brands and why

    Recently, I purchased a Stromer ST1X from Quantum eBikes This was my first experience in electric assisted bicycles and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. I'd like to expand my knowledge. What are you favourite brands and why? Though Stromer is mostly used for commuting, anything...
  10. Chris Nolte

    Heiko Comes to Brooklyn! German Bikes & Beer at Propel

    We’re excited to have Heiko Müller, the co-founder of Riese & Müller in Brooklyn to help introduce his brand to the US. Heiko will give a talk about the history of the brand and the future of e-mobility. We’ll have German beer and eats, along with music and some really awesome bikes! Court will...
  11. Airwheel2016

    I would like to know the type of electric bike in Google search for the type of science and technolo

    I would like to know the type of electric bike in Google search for the type of science and technology websites, how can I publish articles on it? Every time i sent the mail, it seems that there is no reply.
  12. V

    Need help choosing a group ride/commuter e-bike

    I'm new to the EBR forums but thought you all might be able to help me buy my first e-bike. Some data about me... 55 years old, 6', 195 lbs Started riding a road bike about two years ago to recover from lung surgery. Was averaging about 2500 miles/yr Do group rides, event rides and...
  13. F

    Organic Transit Elf

    I took delivery of my ELF electric bicycle in January 2016, from Organic Transit. I really like the idea for the ELF but most of the time the bike really does not operate due to electrical issues. The bike is really attractive looking. I think of that it looks like a little miniature Volkswagen...
  14. J

    Help choosing 20'-wheel Folding E-bike for NYC

    Hello Everyone, I need help choosing a replacement folding E-bike. Mine just got stolen today (left it outside for three hours- 18 millimeter chain was cut with a power tool). My bike was a Dahon formula s18- 20 inch- with the Bionx Motor and electronics. I used it everyday to commute from and...
  15. Airwheel2016

    Electric bike on EICMA 2016

    Started from November 8th, 2016, EICMA of this year has got off a good start. A continuous stream of visitors came to the remarkable exhibition. The booth that people coming and going frequently should be Hall 4, Stand F50, booth location of , a world famous supplier in electric two-wheel...
  16. ACG

    Choosing between motor systems: bosch, currie, yamaha

    Please help me decide which system makes the most sense. Bosch seems the best from his reviews but it's also the most expensive. I'll be commuting 30miles round trip with the option to recharge half way. I've got lots of hills to climb. What do you think?
  17. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Hangzhou BTN ebike technology-kevin

    Company Certificate Company customers Contact Us (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Tel: +86 0571-82859592 Fax: +86 0571-82859592 E-mail : info@btn-ebike.com HANGZHOU BTN E-BIKE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(BTN HOLDING GROUP CO.,LTD) is a specialist of e-mobility components and complete systems and...
  18. Addmotor

    Happy to be a new member

    Dear Everybody, We are Addmotor, a professional eBike seller from Guangzhou (China). We entered the eBike Market over one year ago and made big steps to improve quality and design of our Bikes. Addmotor takes big efforts to guarantee a high quality for a very reasonable price. Of cause we can't...
  19. Zvikaz

    A 3 year old converion kit

    Most of you may know know it, but in Israelthe power limitation of a motor on an electric bike is 250 W ! Sounds like the government is stricting it to be a game for children ... In most cases its true - the averave age buying and electric bike in israel is 15, which is sad. It causes alot of...
  20. C

    Wich one?

    Good morning mr. Court Rye, I've read at: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists), that I can ask you (on your knowledge), may be the electric bike that best fits for my abilities. I would like to buy one. - 60kg (132.27 pounds) - 1'64m. (5.38 feet) - Sportswoman (medium) - For go from my house to my...