electric bike

  1. ebike888

    I think my New e-JOE Bike is way faster

    I just unboxed the e-JOE JADE 750 Comfort Cruiser .It can go up to 34 mph but with me 210 lb easily going 28+ on throttle only . I think its kind of too fast for ebike
  2. yatin324

    NAKTO brand ?

    Is nakto a good brand? planning to buy a new electric bike, someone recommended me to try out NAKTO ebikes !!!!
  3. N

    Ultimate Electric Bike - long range, high power, all terrain all weather bike, no registration...

    BUDGET: 15 000 Euros (around 17 000 USD) THE AIM: Build a highly reliable, long range, high power, all terrain, all weather bike.... Hello, I have a question: 1. Can you build a bike that is 10 000 watts? 2. Can you reduce power down to 1000 Watts for light cruising speeds on the road so it is...
  4. A

    Switch and adjust gears

    An e-bike's handlebars allow you to control the gears and pedal assist system. The lower the shift lever number on an electric bicycle, the easier it is to pedal. The number of gears is directly related to the difficulty of motor work. The lower the gear, the more your e-bike relies on the...
  5. Electric Bike Company

    Tire Comparison

    We here at EBC strive to find the highest quality materials that we can source to build our bikes. This includes everything from our handlebars all the way down to our choice in tires. Recently, we conducted an experiment on the Top 5 rated tires [Kenda, Maxxis, Schwable, Continental, & Rhino]...
  6. Electric Bike Company

    6 More Days Left To Order For Christmas

    Hello Bike Enthusiasts! If you have been interested in purchasing one of our models as a potential gift for a loved one, please act quickly as our period for accepting Christmas orders is coming to a close in 6 Days! If you would like more information on our bikes either check out our website...
  7. krdugger

    24 Hour Sale - $1099 Class 3 eBike

    Massive Black Friday only sale going on, for the Ride1UP 500 series. Unbeatable value with free shipping.
  8. Electric Bike Company

    Electric Bike Company Servicing

    Electric Bike Company has teamed up with a mobile bike mechanic Velofix which provides a nationwide service in which a customer can receive repairs at both a bike shop or out on the road! Watch our Youtube Video on the subject to learn more about how we manufacture and service our bikes, along...
  9. S

    Showing 4 white electrical bikes

    When we decide to buy an electrical bike, color is also one of important things. Black is a basic color for every stuff, so do electrical bike. Black is become a common and popular color, not only we can find on the electrical bike, but also on other things. Besides black, white is also another...
  10. Ravi Kempaiah

    End of an era - Daimler to stop developing combustion engines

    This September marks a historic milestone in the history of automobiles. Daimler developed the first internal combustion engine (ICE) (Thanks to Karl Friedrich Benz) for cars and for a long time they held a leading position in making high-quality gasoline-powered automobiles. This month they...
  11. S

    7 things you want to know about electric bike

    There are many types electric bike on ebike market. According to using way, there are mountain assistance electric bike, road power assistance electric bike, long-distance power assistance electric bike. And classified by type of motor, it include hub motors and Mid-mounted motors. This post...
  12. Chris Nolte

    She Fell in Love With Her Commute After Replacing Her Car With an Electric Cargo Bike

    I recently produced a video with my friend Catrin from R&M. It's a story of how she uses her Load to commute to work. I was very inspired and I hope this video inspires others to consider how they get around. I look forward to sharing more of these stories in the future to help others see...
  13. Chris Nolte

    Touring cross country with an ebike - Video

    I’m excited to share this little video we did with our friend Pita! She recently embarked on a cross country trip on her ebike. She’s riding a Riese & Müller Nevo GX Rohloff HS unsupported. We plan to do a part two video next month when she gets to Brooklyn.
  14. Lin B

    Review: My OneMotor drive (formerly Shareroller)

    I've now had my 1M for a little over a week or so. I'll try to discuss it in a logical sequential manner. First, packaging was excellent, everything had a cut out in a padded box. There were no instructions in the box, but that's because Jeff hasn't completed them yet and early backers are...
  15. T

    Trek Crossrip+ Electric Bike: For Sale

    Trek Crossrip+ Electric Bike ($3000.00) Very good condition; very minor frame flaws! Size: 55cm Color: Matte Trek Black Max. Assisted Speed: 28mph / 45km/h Odometer: 1543 Purchased in 2017 from bike dealer in San Diego, CA. All with stock components except an extension to handlebar stem added...
  16. A

    65% OFF! 20" Foldable Eike MF-19 From Maxfoot

    Hi there, The most streamlined 20-inch fat tire electric folding bike from Maxfoot in the market is launching on Indiegogo tomorrow. Now we start the good selling E-bike season,don't miss the huge discount : 65% OFF,shop now and expand your business,making it one of the most affordable e-bike...
  17. Lefre

    FOR SALE: 2019 Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 21.5aH 48v battery - Los Angeles (Rowland Heights 91748)

    My fourth ebike and decided it wasn't what I'm looking for. Perfect time to ride with Spring here and the rain storms are gone! Received 4/15/19 Only 21 miles on the bike 35mph top speed 60-80 miles per charge with PAS 1000W rated, 1500W (peak) power Torque assist + PAS (cadence assist) +...
  18. Wing Bikes

    Wing Bikes Early Bird Pricing Closing Soon!

    Hello EBR community! We are excited to announce our early bird pricing for our bikes that will be shipping to customers in March/April. Right now, we are taking pre-order reservations for only $199. This way you ensure you get a bike come delivery time in March/April. Orders will be shipped on...
  19. M

    Everything you wanted to know about trade tariffs relating to U.S and Chinese bike manufacturing

    I have spent the last four months learning everything there is to know about trade tariffs in the U.S./Chinese bike manufacturing industry. I did this, not only for the advancement of my own knowledge, and to educate myself on specific policies in relation to making an educated vote for a...
  20. Electric Bike Company

    Basket Attached to Frame - not handle bars

    When adding a basket - ideally your steering is not compromised - and your cables do not get caught on your cargo. We suggest attaching the Basket to your frame and ideally the light and wiring is integrated.