1. J.R.

    Share this article with your local land managers!

    https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/e-bikes-abound-where-theyre-illegal-including-santa-rosas-trione-annadel/ Well written, fast read. The tide is turning.
  2. K

    Difference between Sport and eMTB modes

    When i bought my R&M Supercharger2, the guy at the dealer upgraded the firmware, and said the upgrade had the eMTB mode, previously Sport. Can someone that knows, tell what the exact difference is? I get that it checks how hard you pedal and adjust assistance accordingly..so it is basically...
  3. S

    Group Buy Opportunity

    Hi, Newbie here. So my question is not appropriate here, please "indulge" me or just point me to the right place/website :). I want to import an eMTB from China to NA. Where can I find a group-buy to join? Otherwise, can I initiate one? I have the means to arrange the shipment due to my work...
  4. Tascani

    Brand new a Ebike for sale ( size L )

    Bought this Haibike Sduro Fullseven 7.0 at Crazy Lenny Madison WI in July 2020 . I have never used. Decided to sell it . I paid over $4,000 I am asking $3,499. I rather sell locally
  5. J.R.

    An open letter from an industry insider regarding eMTB trail access

    A 30 year former Trek executive, and current Board President of the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA), shares his thoughts on eMTB access to off road trails. https://goodheartsolutions.com/2019/10/18/emtb-thoughts/
  6. J.R.

    New Ergon eMTB saddles for men and women and a chance to win one

  7. J.R.

    DIY -vs- Purpose Built ($1k -vs- $10k)

    Fair enough comparison. Not all encompassing; the purpose built, factory bike has better gearing and suspension for off road. The comparison doesn't go deep into the ride experience. Still both are 250 watts, big batteries and torque sensing. I'm really impressed with the kit bike! A lot for the...
  8. Chris Nolte

    Video: Gary Fisher on Why eBikes are the Next Big Thing!

    Gary Fisher did a talk at the Bosch Ebikes USA 5 year anniversary. He talked on a variety of topics and he was highly entertaining. Some of the topics included Electric Mountain Bikes, Ride Sharing, Public Transit and Scooters. We hope you enjoy the talk as much as we did!
  9. Chris Nolte

    Video: Why People for Bikes is Advocating for eBikes, Kids on Bikes & Bike Infrastructure

    Rod Judd from People for Bikes did a great presentation at Bosch eBikes five year anniversary party. He covered many topics including their new Ridespot App, trail access for eBikes and how getting kids on bikes can improve our future. More about People for Bikes at: PeopleForBikes.org
  10. J.R.

    "This is who ebikes are for..."

    I'll be surprised if this hasn't been posted already. Apologies if it has. I'm sure someone hasn't seen it;) There are so many great one-liners in this video. "Why would you feel guilty?" "If you're not racing, how is it cheating?" "$1500 bike, work your bag off. $7000 bike, go out and have...
  11. Chris Nolte

    Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem eBike

    I recently published this video of the Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem and figured I would share here. It’s a Bosch powered electric tandem capable of varied terrain. This one is the trekking version but it’s also available as a mountain version. It’s quite a cool bike and a blast to ride! I hope...
  12. Ravi Kempaiah

    Best eMTB motor for 2019 - 9 motors tested.

    eMTB magazine has some solid testing crew. Their conclusions often resonate with a lot of riders. Even though they are based out of Germany, they don't side with any particular brand of motor manufacturer. They recently tested 9 motors including the TQ motor that goes on the FLYONS and the...
  13. J.R.

    The Technological Effects of eMTB on the MTB World

    I've read numerous accounts of pro mtb riders switching out various MTB components for eMTB designed components. This due to performance; performance that outweighs the weight gain. https://m.pinkbike.com/news/opinion-e-bikes-are-breeding-the-components-riders-want.html Brakes, driveline...
  14. Joe

    Volton Campaign is Live. 3 new bikes and new Alation models on discount.

    Volton's Better eBike Campaign Two new eMTB models available with Max and Ultra power platforms 29 pound, folding ebike with 5 level pedal assist and thumb throttle Alation and Alation ST with torque activated pedal assist and up to 48v16.5ah battery We are also finalizing a third M600...
  15. R

    Mongoose 750w Mountain eBike - Atlanta, GA ($1,300 OBO)

    Brand new Mongoose 29" Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Full Suspension Mountain Bike with a 750w mid-drive electric bike motor kit. 48V (volt) 10AH (amp hour) battery included. This bike will take you up to 10 miles on mountain bike trails and 20 miles on the road at up to 22 mph. Pedal assist and...
  16. 1

    Bafangusadirect review

    Hi, I wanted to post my experience with my bafang kit I purchased about Feb 2018 from www.bafangusadirect.com the super short review for those that don't wanna read my long winded review is I have absolutely loved it if your thinking about buying one do it!!! Now for some details: I...
  17. Joe

    Volton A-Trail eMTB 350w / 750w Torque Sensing Electric Bicycle

    A quick walk though of the component kit on our new eMTB the A-Trail. Thanks for checking out the bike. Enjoy the ride! Joe
  18. B

    BOOGALOO eMTB Race heading to Southern California

    BOOGALOO eMTB Race heading to Southern California Join the fun at the SoCal Endurance Race at the Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA Nov 4th Oct 18th, 2017 Temecula, CA – THE BOOGALOO, a Class 1 pedal-assist mountain bikes (eMTB) race and demo event presented by Troy Lee Designs & Bosch...
  19. LimboJim

    Rogue Wave Fat eBike by Fifield

    A Massachusetts ebike company, Fifield, has been hand-making a couple of nice looking leisure models for a few years. They also have a couple of factory-built models - hopefully @Court will venture east and review them soonly, along with my buddy's PEBL hemp-based velomobile, also being made...
  20. J.R.

    Pedego breaks new ground with its Ridge Rider

    Irvine-based e-bike company Pedego breaks new ground with its Ridge Rider http://www.ocregister.com/articles/rider-690764-electric-ridge.html (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)