evo cross

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    Evo cross cuts out

    Emotion Evo Cross Bought this bike new in Washington, D.C. 2 months ago. Will not turn on sometimes and quite often will just turn off while riding. When power cuts you are not in a sympathetic gear so you will lose control. This has been very dangerous in Washington traffic. If I take It...
  2. S

    Ridge Rider Comparison

    I'm testing out a Pedego ridge rider and I'm loving everything about it except for the battery life is only okay for what I need. I've been looking at the Evo Cross and Evo 27.5 as bikes that keep good torque as well as cushion for bumpy rides but can also provide enough battery for 30+ mile...
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    BH Evo Cross Lightning (Kit)

    I'm looking for the Evo cross from BH. Can someone give me here a tip for a good lighting type or better yet, does anyone know the exact power values that provides the System for the lighting. I am particularly concerned with the amperage. I have been two different information get, 500, the...