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  1. Ratso


    Anybody having problems finding 4.20x20" tubes? The Lectric website is currently out and I also verified it with their customer service. Does anyone know of anyone selling 4.20x20" fat tire bicycle tubes anywhere? Amazon, eBay etc do not seem to have them either. Anyone know of any direct from...
  2. M

    Trying to choose between three folding fat tire e-bikes: E-Lux Sierra, Rad Power RadMini 4, or the Sondors XS?

    Hey everyone! I've narrowed my choice down to these three options. Does anyone have any input or the pro's/con's of these different e-bikes? Definitely looking to spend less than $2000. Thanks!!
  3. Fat Tire Cruiser

    Cruising Cheetah Style!

    Warmest greetings Civi Fat Tire bicycle fans from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, SW Washington. I'm another adventurous senior discovering the fun and exercise benefits of fat tire e-bikes. Being a motoring enthusiast you have to love the styling of the Cheetah bicycle. Striking beach...
  4. jkchang82

    [SOLD] E-Lux Sierra Fat Tire Folding Bike (Matte Black)

    I'm looking to sell my E-Lux Sierra e-bike. It's only one year old and I've literally ridden it 10 times. The battery has only been charged twice in that time so everything is relatively brand new. The color is black. I've applied a sticker or two to hide some of the branding that gives away...
  5. dgroebl

    What tire pressure for a fat bike?

    I’ve just received my new super sweet Juggernaut Ultra FS fat tire bike and I’m not sure what kind of tire pressure to run. I realize the 26” x 4” fat tires will probably always seem squishy but I wonder what is a good pressure of them. I’ll just be riding on the street as a commuter.
  6. D

    *Sold* Khs 4-season 1000 bbshd conversion $2100 obo

    Khs 4-season 1000 medium frame, converted into e-bike. Bafang bbshd, 750c color display, 52v 17.5ah LG mj1 battery, 42t front chainring. Have added fenders, rear rack, water bottle holder. Built and used for commuting, but with fat tires it will go anywhere and you'll have fun doing it. Have...
  7. J0nG0m

    Schwalbe Jumbo Jim

    Hello Recently bought a RadRhino, the bike works fine and all. Now I know eventually I will need to change the tyres, there's nothing wrong with those Kenda Juggernaut but I don't see me buy those again. I'm a Schwalbe guy, all my bike have them so most likely will buy those Jumbo Jim (but in...
  8. Fattirebananaseat_searcher

    Planning to purchase Eranger Urban Fat Cruiser ??? Opinions ?

    Hello Everyone, I am planning on buying a Eranger Urban Fat Cruiser 26, seems a bit expensive when compared to the other Fat tire, banana seat bikes. I spoke to the creator i guess, benjamin Ho on the phone and he said that if i ordered the bike today, it will come in 5 days since i live...
  9. ZeroPointM

    RipCurrent S, unboxing pictures and first impressions.

    Purchase date 7-18-2018 Delivery date 8/14/18 RipCurrent S (750 Watts) / Aug '18 delivery Black / XL / 20" [Fits 6'0" to 6'4"] / 48 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,099 52 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,399 I have uploaded photos of the unboxing here. Busy week at work so I will post updates as time allows, but so far...
  10. jkchang82

    Fat tire bike room mounts

    I’m looking to see if anyone’s had experience mounting/hanging their fat tire bikes on mounts like the ones in the images? My new apartment has mounts similar to these and I’m wondering if it’ll hold up my 60lb fat tires...
  11. N

    Fat tire frame pump (HV + CO2) -- Does CO2 even work in 4" high volume tires?

    Preface: I am sure question is answered elsewhere, but when I tried to search for "fat tire co2 pump" both "fat" & "co2" get ignored as too short/common. So I see way too many messages. ///// Bike is Juiced RCS - so this is the 4" fat tires. So it seems there are bike pumps that are...
  12. jkchang82

    Best bike lock for a fat tire

    I'm looking to purchase some locks for my new bike. I have an E-lux Sierra which is a folding fat bike with an extra fat frame to hide the battery. I currently have one Kryptonite NY U-Lock but I don't think that'll work at all with the new bike. E-lux also hooked me up with Kryptonite Keeper...
  13. jkchang82

    Stock fat tire/tube - keep or upgrade?

    I was just curious on people's thoughts on whether to keep my stock 20x4 Kenda tires and the tube it comes with or if people tend to upgrade them right away. I'll be riding mostly on pavement. Thanks.
  14. Hobby

    Turbo Levo comp fat or bulls monster e fs?

    Having a hard time deciding. No one around me has either bike. They can order either one though. It’s hard spending $5,000 on something you never rode. Any info would help.
  15. Pilot

    Hello from Brooklyn, NY

    My wife and I just moved back to Brooklyn in October from San Francisco. I work in Midtown Manhattan, so hacking my commute has been my top priority since we got here. I know that throttle bikes are illegal in NYC (pedal assist bikes are not illegal), but I decided to roll the dice anyway. I...
  16. Mark Adams


  17. Farbike

    2018 X-treme E-Bikes

    Hey E-Bikers, I want to hear what you all think about these new bikes we will release at the end of August. We just got an update on the new X-treme Electric Bicycles for 2018. First off the geared hub motors are going to be zero resistance thanks to a clutch that disengages the motor when...
  18. MysticalFists

    Help Me Choose A Fat Tire Ebike - RadRover / Yukon / M2S / Hype / ETC

    Howdy, First time poster, although I've been watching Court's videos and reading all your reviews for like 2 months now, and I'm getting closer to biting the bullet. Hell, I'd already have bought my RadRover if they were still in stock, but I'm still having to wait a week. Since I'm waiting...
  19. Duncan

    Seeking Suggestions for tire pump for Fat tires

    I can only assume the mini tire pumps out there would be a real grind to use for pumping up a 4" tire. Is there a good tire pump I should look for?
  20. J

    Help choosing 20'-wheel Folding E-bike for NYC

    Hello Everyone, I need help choosing a replacement folding E-bike. Mine just got stolen today (left it outside for three hours- 18 millimeter chain was cut with a power tool). My bike was a Dahon formula s18- 20 inch- with the Bionx Motor and electronics. I used it everyday to commute from and...