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  1. byankou

    Should I replace/upgrade my rear tire, switch front & back or leave as is? 20x4.0 LECTRIC XP

    I've had my LECTRIC XP for almost a year now and it has been awesome. After 1600 miles, the back tire (stock Kendas) have noticeable wear on the treads, especially down the middle of the tire. They still protrude slightly, and I don't think I'm at the point where a flat is just around the...
  2. 206bionx

    SUMO road tires

    Ordered the 2015 Sumo from NYCE . Been doing some wilderness stuff , but I want to commute on it since its alot faster than my bionx pl350 . I see lots of online pics with Schwalbe Big Apples fitted on 80mm fat bike rims but all the shops here say 'hell no' or good luck . There are cruiser...