1. P


    Hi guys, I'm the original fatty on a fat bike and have a question. i got my FatSix in March second hand and had it serviced with no issues, 500 miles later its flashed up saying service due, is this normal as it seems a very short interval? secondly does anyone know of an alternative to the...
  2. J

    4.8" tyres on Fatsix

    Hi guys. I am considering to buy a Haibike Xduro Fatsix 6.0. They come with 4.0" tyres, but i have brand new 4.8" Jumbo Jims laying around that I was going to use on my White fat bike. Now I want to go electric and was hoping I could use them on a Fatsix. Have anyone tried to fit 4.8" tyres...
  3. J


    Is there a consensus on which Dongle has emerged as the most reliable? I would like more assist available on the flats, flow. Important for me in order: 1) native motor shifting still works; 2) system is reliable (I ride often in the outback); 3) display glitchyness minimized; 4) display data...
  4. Forceaxis

    Shutup and take my money!!!!! SDuro Full Fatsix

    Guys..... and girls..... Have you seen this thing!!! Has anyone had any experience with this model or is it just that new? I would like to buy one in the US but I just wanted to get a little feedback as to how the ride is and if there are any pitfalls? P.S. This thing looks amazing. Force.