1. pushkar

    Looking for active feedback, beta testers ... etc etc

    All, I have been engaged with some of you on a somewhat informal basis to get advice / feedback etc. However as we look at the next 6-12 months, we are working on a lot of exciting stuff including the new transition to Carbon (will post about that soon), some super exciting products (bikes and...
  2. Biking on Bainbridge

    Propella Owners: Feedback Please!

    I'm very intrigued with this bike considering the price point and what appears to be a straight-forward no fuss system. I think this one is really unique in keeping the ebike parts accessible and easily replaced, and without just slapping an elongated black box on any random bike frame...
  3. dazbobaby

    Problem with the site - Firefox

    When I browse the main site I just get a blank page with Firefox, I used to be able to see the site correctly a couple of weeks ago. However I can see the source when I right click and select View Source. Chrome works fine. The forum is fine in firefox and chrome.