1. Blue Monkey

    Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah

    Hey everyone! This is Duane Schaffer, owner of Blue Monkey Bicycles in SLC, Utah. Four years ago I started looking into electric transportation options and there was nothing available locally. My wife, Tonya, suggested I think about opening a store and since I like a challenge, we did some...
  2. ACG

    Help: Izip VS Bosch system bike (Felt) VS Raleigh E Bike

    Hello! I'm 6ft 180Lbs and commute about 30 miles round trip (many hills) 3-4x per week. I'm looking for an e-bike that will be durable, ideally can go to the 28 mph (though 20 would be fine), and is enjoyable to ride in eco-mode. I've found some good deals on IZip, but have been told by a dealer...
  3. Y

    Newbie with a new Felt Sport-e 95

    Hi, all... Just took the plunge. I'm in my 50s. I've had knee surgery and some back issues. I live in a winter city (Calgary). But I want to ride. So I took the plunge today and bought a Felt Sport-e 95--and joined this community. Only had the bike out for an hour or so, but so far, so good...
  4. Electric Bike Expo

    E-Bike Expo: Ride the Newest E-Bikes in Phoenix

    On January 15th, 16th, and 17th, the Electric Bike Expo will be at the Tempe Diablo Stadium (Phoenix, AZ) with 80+ of the latest electric bikes available for test ride; for FREE! The Electric Bike Expo is a no sales, no pressure event. Just come out and ride some of the newest electric bikes on...
  5. A

    First EBike - Felt or Optibike or Something Else?

    First, thanks for such a helpful forum. I'm looking for an ebike with the following requirements: A daily 10 mile commute each way. Main reason I'm looking for an ebike over a regular bike is that the commute starts with a long, steep hill - rises in elevation a bit over 400 feet over a little...
  6. Ed Rosa

    Ebike & trails

    Hi , I'm new here and to the ebike world . Just bought my fat ebike and I'm loving every minute of it . I went twice to the trails but didn't have any "purist" encounter , was wondering if people out there are getting some kind of issues with regulars mtb'ers .