1. redalexx

    Kalkhoffs improved Impulse2 motor (2017)

    Due to a lot of failed Impulse2.0 motors in Europe in 2015, Daum Inc. & Derby Cycle (Kalkhoff, Focus, ...) improved the design of the motor and modified the software. The new 2017 motors are hopefully more reliable. Information about changes you can get here...
  2. Bike_On

    Owner of a New Focus Adventura S10, 2014

    I want to give a short report on my new mid drive. I was riding a Falco HX500 on a Trek DS8.5, which got rear ended by a car and is out of commission. I decided I wanted to go back to a mid drive, have it be a Speed Pedelec, and be an all around commuter bike. I ended up buying a demo from...