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  1. B

    Giant Fathom E+ 3 Chainring

    Hi, Newby here, had my first e bike for a month, love it....but I run out of gears (36t chainring) beyond motor assist, so I'm pedalling like a nutter beyond about 20mph, any idea if I can fit chainring off Giant quick e+ (42t). The motor is the synchro sport. Cheers Bob
  2. K

    Questions regarding e-biking (Giant)

    Hello! So I ordered an Giant FastRoad E+ EX PRO 2021 model bike and began to wonder how the harsh winter weathers might treat e-bikes in general? I personally wouldn't feel very confident riding an electric bike in a pouring icy rain or slush, I couldn't find much information from Giant...
  3. Karm

    Change bike's front chainring to increase top speed?

    I have a Giant MY19 XTC E+ Pro with MY19 Syncdrive Pro motor. The bike is derestricted and It's equipped with 27.5' Maxxis Aspen tires and DT Swiss EX 1501 wheel sets. But the top speed is only at 43 km/h. I can hardly go faster like the motor's 120 rpm is at its max. And a 240W 80 N.m motor...
  4. A

    New member from the land down under

    Hello everyone, I am new from today -- 11th March 2020. My wife and I have been keen cyclists since around the year 2000. We are also cross-country skiers, and, in the midst of a lousy ski season, and inspired by a Tour de France winner whose name shall never be mentioned, we both went out and...
  5. Browneye

    Explore+3 +4 GTS And Sister Amiti - Review • Comments • Q&A

    While we have a couple of threads going on this model, they were for specific problems/questions, so I thought I would start a new one, talk about my 2019 +3, and invite comments discussion and questions on both the +3 and +4 US models, for owners and would-be owners. I've put a couple of...
  6. F

    Giant 2020 ebikes?

    Hi all, Any one seen any info regarding Giant's 2020 range? I'm looking at a Giant Explore E+ and all my local stores are sold out of the 2019 version but they apparently have the 2020 version in stock. I can't find any info from Giant's site, or any site really. The only online example of...
  7. B

    New ebike owner

    Hi all, Just bought my first e-bike yesterday and will be on these forums looking for advice etc. Still in my youth but had a Hernia operation in my groin a few years ago and ever since then I get alot of pain when out on the bike on the hills or in strong winds. Missed the cycling so like the...
  8. W

    Giant Stance E+2 Problems

    Hi All, Just bought the Giant Stance E+2 after having been sold on the idea at my local bike shop. Several questioned where asked mainly would it good enough to go round my local forest trails and would the bike be fine going through puddles and mud & how to clean it? To which he answered yes &...
  9. G

    Newbie to EBikes - Bought a Giant Quick-E + 2018 from Canada

    Hi There, Newbie to EBikes - Bought a Giant Quick-E + 2018 from Canada. Importing bike from Canada to South Africa Cape Town, should get my Giant EBike in the next 2 weeks, can't wait. Reason for buying bike: to commute to work, only 40km return distance. There are no showers at the office...
  10. G

    Giant EBike Warranty Global or not

    Hi There, Giant EBike Warranty Global or not? Bought Giant Quick-E + in Toronto Canada and imported to Cape Town South Africa. Does the 2 year global warranty apply in South Africa, I am the original owner and purchaser of the bike. Many thanks, Gary
  11. G

    Giant Quick-E + can you use it in the rain

    Hi there. Giant Quick-E + can you use it in the rain. Wondering if the rain would do any damage to the motor or electronics and if this would void the Giant 2 year warranty? Thanks, Gary Cape Town South Africa.
  12. M

    Range 100 Miles Giant Road-E.

    Giant 2018 Road-E+ - Range 100 mile Yes, I just rode 100 miles on one battery charge. The Bike - 2018 Road-E+. Yamaha 500WH. Set up with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. 700*38C. Great tire last set road 10,000 miles with no flats. Bike set up for touring and comfort. Cain Creek Thudbuster...