1. T

    FS: 2020 MINT Upgraded/Unlocked Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0

    Selling my extremely upgraded Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0 52cm step-thru ebike with only 32 miles on the odometer! This was a "lockdown project" for me, due to my love of tinkering and upgrading. It has had top of the line quad-piston Shimano hydraulic disc-brakes installed, a Kinekt suspension...
  2. P

    Haibike Xduro 29 inch Bosch ebike for sale derestricted

    Haibike Trekking Electric Bike ebike S pedalec 29 inch Bosch dong. Condition is "Used". Haibike xduro trekking large frame. (52cm) I’m 5 foot 10 inches. Perfect battery and motor only covered just over 1000 miles. Needs a service as gears need fine tuning in high range but can still useable in...
  3. E

    Ebike thoughts

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and to ebiking and am looking to make my first ebike purchase - if I can find stock - and am after some advice. My usage would be road, cross country and some very occasional and very light trails. For comfort I am looking at 29inch wheels, a hard tail and am drawn...
  4. S

    Yamaha pw-st vs pw-se, any big differences?

    Hello community, first post here, trying to get some help to decide which will be my first Ebike I want to buy an Emtb, and due to my budget and availability in my country I have come to these 2 options: Haibike Sduro Fullseven Lt 2.0 2020 & Lapierre Overvolt AM 400i 2019 The Lapierre has...
  5. H

    Looking to spend £2500 on an ebike..

    I’m a hard time deciding which bike to go for. I was initially looking at a Haibike Trekking 4 but there seem to be a couple of alternatives at approximately the same price from lesser known companies like Gepida and Forme. These bike (including the Haibike) all seem to have more or less the...
  6. Tascani

    Brand new Haibike Sduro Fullseven ( Madison WI)

    Bought this Haibike Sduro Fullseven 7.0 from crazy Lennys in July this year . Paid $4,126.00 asking $3,499 . Ebike has Zero miles in it . Size is Large , should fit anyone between 5’9 to 6’2” This is my 2nd Haibike, they are excellent MTB german made . I am selling cause I work from home now , I...
  7. M

    Haibike Cable guides

    I was a frustrated with the cable guides on the Haibike So I made my own. They fit perfectly over the triangular frame. Just clip them over the frame and snap the cables into them. there are 2 sizes. One for the smaller diameter shift cable (.168”) and one for the larger brake cable (.211”) They...
  8. byunbee

    2015 Haibike Xduro Urban Kickstand and Handlebar riser

    Hi, I just picked up a 2015 Haibike Xduro Urban. The bike didn't come with a kickstand and I wanted to know what kickstand would work with this bike. Also I'm not sure whether this bike's handlebar can be raised or it requires a separate riser. Any advice would be appreciated. Chain stays...
  9. Thomaslje

    Haibike SDURO Trekking S 8 VS 9

    Hello Everyone. I have now setteled in on a bike and I think it is going to be the Haibike SDURO Trekking S and I see that there is the model 8.0 and then the model 9.0. Can anyone tell me how big of a difference there is in these two models, I can get the 8.0 model a lot cheaper as it is an...
  10. Scooteretti

    2019 Haibike SDuro Trekking 2.0 - BRAND NEW - BLOWOUT PRICING

    ONLY 2 LEFT - FALL BLOWOUT SALE ONLY $2299.00 including tax & FREE shipping We have 2 QTY, 2019 Haibike SDuro Trekking 2.0 bikes left in the medium 52cm frame size left in stock and we are blowing it out to make room for our 2020 collection of bikes. Our sale price includes FREE shipping and...
  11. Scooteretti

    2019 Haibike XDuro Allmtn 6.0 - BRAND NEW - BLOWOUT PRICING

    ONLY 1 LEFT IN STOCK SAVE $1500.00 + Taxes & Shipping Included We have a 2019 Haibike XDuro Allmtn 6.0 in the medium 44cm frame size left in stock and we are blowing it out to make room for our 2020 collection of bikes. Our sale price includes FREE shipping and taxes. Click HERE for pricing...
  12. F

    Converting Haibike from Tranzx to ....

    Ok, without going into details Haibike and Tranzx refuse to support the Urban Plus. Tranzx has zero representation in the US and Haibike has turned everything over to Diamondback who feels no responsibility to support the bike. The M25 GTS motor is a through motor pedal unit and the one-way...
  13. M

    Haibike Sduro Trekking 9.0 alternatives

    I read review of Court and I am very much into this e-bike. But can you tell me some alternatives of this e-bike. Such as R&M ? As i see there are only few 28 mph mid-drive trekking e-bikes in market.
  14. F

    How does Pedal Assist on the top Electric Mountain bikes compare to Rad Rover/Volt Yukon etc

    I want to get back into mountain biking. And I have owned a RAD ROVER E-bike for 3 years now. I actually love it. But its not a "mountain bike". Obviously The Rad rover has a throttle, and also pedal assist 1-5. And the Top name mountain bikes (Specialized,Trek, Cannondale, Haibike etc) Are...
  15. michwalker

    I broke my Haibike display. Do you know any place I can get it for cheap price ?

    When i was riding i broke my haibike's display and does anyone know where can i get a new one or used one in good condition?
  16. F

    Haibike Urban Plus manuals

    Does anyone have a Haibike Urban Plus service manual and/or owners manual? I just purchased a used one and the Cobi system isn't receiving power from the battery (Cobi interface says no battery, despite the bikes battery being full). The previous owner said that the battery keys were swapped...
  17. Ravi Kempaiah

    Haibike Xduro Trekking S Rx - Bosch Speed commuter bike - $1670 w/LOTS of upgrades

    I am moving to Canada for an exciting career opportunity and hence I am downsizing my stable of 5 bikes. I am selling my beloved Haibike Xduro Trekking S Rx with the Bosch performance speed motor decked out with so many upgrades. Here are the details... The bike is maintained in superb...
  18. Lenny

    Holiday Savings From Lennys in Madison

    Hey eBike community, You can buy an eBike with Fox suspension, Deore XT component, 203mm Hydraulic brakes, 600Whr battery for $1000 and you get a 5yr warranty on the motor, controller, and display. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.
  19. Z

    What Panniers / Trunk Bags work with the 2018 XDURO Trekking 9.0?

    Hi All, I have a 2018 XDURO Trekking 9.0 and am planning on purchasing panniers/trunk bags for it. I'm seeing conflicting information online saying what bags fit and don't fit. Can anyone chime in here and recommend a good set of panniers/trunk bags? Thanks!
  20. Z

    2018 Haibike XDURO Trekking S 9.0 - For Sale

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a beautiful 2018 Haibike XDURO Trekking S 9.0 and sustained a soccer injury, preventing me from riding it most likely until Spring of 2019. Instead of this sitting in my garage and me potentially starting a new job by then (further commute), I'd rather have...