1. RandyR

    Here’s the video of the handlebars, seat, and grips being installed on the Rideal

    I really like the comfortable ride that the 5” rise on the handlebars give you!
  2. B

    Wider 25.4 comfort handlebar

    Hi everybody, I have a nevo3 with the 'cockpit' adjustable stem and comfort 640mm handlebar. Did anyone found a longer alternative (around 700 mm) for the satori 25.4 mm handlebar? Biggest probleem is to find a handlebar with a 10 cm wide clamp area.. Tx Jef
  3. M

    Adjustable handlebar stem

    Has anyone installed either an adjustable handlebar stem or different handlebar on the Moscow Plus or Aspen Plus to give a more upright riding position?
  4. ebikecali

    Drop Handlebars on E-bikes

    Hi everyone, Was just wondering if anyone tried to replace the handlebars on their e-bike (pedelec/mid-drive) with a drop handlebars? If yes, could you please share with us how you did. Do you guys think it is possible and is it recommended? Thank you
  5. Reid

    CCS Add-ons & Upgrades & Handlebar Options

    A 450 mm straight bar makes it easy to slip between cars and also bring the bike indoors. I like to stand on the pedals at times; the excellent stock grips are now ideally spaced for that. The basic handlebar stuff barely yet perfectly fits and is all I need: (I do not use a thumb throttle so...