1. RandyRides

    Here’s the video of the handlebars, seat, and grips being installed on the Rideal

    I really like the comfortable ride that the 5” rise on the handlebars give you!
  2. P

    Faraday Porteur Handlebar?

    What brand of handlebar is (was) used on the Faraday Porteur? I rode the Porteur last fall and loved it, but didn't buy because they went out of business. The bars were my favorite feature.
  3. Amego Electric Vehicles

    Ebike Assembly Tips & More

    For new e-bike riders, take a look at these videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 2OkaI9-UHt (Playlist) (Taking an e-bike out of its box) (Some items that come with e-bikes) (How to install handlebars) (How to install pedals) (Adjusting your saddle - seat height)...
  4. Trail Cruiser

    Comfortable handlebar options.

    Since many ebikes have aggressive riding position, I thought the owners may be interested about these options. http://www.bikepacking.com/gear/list-of-comfort-mtb-handlebars/?fbclid=IwAR0HdwKmwJ2Nh7cJ3yCPVsSm23TOBKrvvHw03UM8WV6NlSgViMkPzVOMzj8
  5. R

    Elegant Test Ride Video Link - The Greatest!

    I just received my Voltbike Elegant and love it! I'm overweight and have a bad knee so the step through design was very attractive to me. I exchanged the handlebars with a 4" riser to give me more of an upright posture. I am still learning the controls but appreciate the flexibility to adjust to...
  6. James Stephens

    Radcity Handlebars Diameter

    Hi all, Im new here and plan on purchasing a Rad City for the cyber Monday sale tomorrow. I am order accessories for it on amazon. I am trying to find out the stock handlebars diameter so I can order the correct tube mounted (the type that mounts inside the tube) rear view mirror. T.I.A.
  7. L

    Change handlebar height

    Can I change the height of the handlebars on my Agattu B8? I know I can swivel them but I'd like to raise them vertically a couple of inches. The dealer told me it can't be raised but he was wrong about some other things.
  8. Barkme Wolf

    Summer Daily Ride Setup Video

  9. Barkme Wolf

    Trekking / Butterfly Video Review

  10. Barkme Wolf

    Trekking / Butterfly Handlebars

    Yesterday I got trekking handle bars and accoutrements. Set up went OK but when I tried to ride it, my front shifter didn't work properly. Apparently the cable got twisted- easy fix. For some reason it rides faster, much faster. There is a hill I coast down every day and hit about 24-26mph, this...
  11. Barkme Wolf

    Trekking (Butterfly) Handlebars- Anyone use them?

    I am thinking about getting some of these Trekking handlebars. Has anyone else used them?