1. Dragonspeed88

    Upgraded Lights on Radwagon 4

    I picked up a new Radwagon 4 this spring since I currently am not driving and needed something that could do everything (on a budget) but I knew from the start that the OEM Spanninga lights would likely be a problem after reading reviews and talking to a friend who had bought a Rad Mini. Sure...
  2. V

    Vado 5.0 Front Headlight Adjustment

    Hello, does anyone know what size tool I need to adjust the angle of my front headlamp on the 2020 Vado 5.0? Thanks
  3. mbouck

    Jugernaut Ultra 1000 - Dutch commuter style w/ integrated lights

    Just finished re-configuring my new Jugernaut Ultra 1000 in "commuter mode" complete with integrated 48V front and rear lighting! Before I get to the integrated lights (because that's it's own story) here are the changes I made to the stock configuration: Busch + Müller IQ X E headlight (150...
  4. P

    MonkeyLink headlight is adjustable

    Court suggested I post this notice as he'd indicated the MonkeyLink headlight was not adjustable in several Bulls reviews. The MonkeyLink 100 Lux headlight I purchased is adjustable vertically via an allen set screw at the back, underside. I haven't ridden in the dark with it yet but am very...
  5. truth2all

    Treecycle: 75kg Family eBike

    Have you heard of the Treecycle? The Treecycle Sedan from MGT Engineering in Shanghai is unprecedented in that it weighs only 75kg, is made of bamboo, offers front and rear assist, comes standard with a 100 liter luggage compartment, about a meter wide, seats 3 people, and costs only $6300 new...
  6. Barkme Wolf

    My Accessory Video

  7. AguassissiM

    My Teo`s New Eye`s....

    :DHope everyone is having fun since i do not see much activity on forum. The last (i hope) of my add-on`s for Tèo finally showed up, camera and the new headlight. The camera looks promising considering what i paid for it, one small issue i find is that they do not include a proper handlebar...
  8. Barkme Wolf

    ORP "Smart" Horn Video Review

    Full video review of ORP waterproof, rechargeable horn and headlight.
  9. walawn

    headlight help

    Hey guys! First post. I just got my new Radrover after waiting a month for it to ship. It all assembled except for the headlight. Could someone show me step by step on how to install it (wire it up)? Thanks in advance.