1. F

    Buying first electric bike for woman, hilly area... help please

    Hi everyone! 👋 I'm looking at buying my first electric bike and would really appreciate some advice. I have cycled for fun and for commuting in the past before. I have a Ridgeback velocity 2014 21" low frame which I love, my favourite bike ever. The riding position is great. The problem...
  2. Ryzen

    Suggestion on Motor Controller and Battery

    I think I might have fried one of my motor controllers when I plugged my battery into it. There was a big spark when I touched the positive leads and it never made my motor turn to begin with. I have a new controller and I was looking for advice to make sure I don’t fry a second one (VEVOR). I...
  3. shyneforever1

    how to replace my battery? please help

    I'm gonna buy this new battery and I am scared I wont be able to connect it to my motor because the connection types are different. How would I be able to connect the new battery to my controller? Why does the "canon charging connector" look so weird? I have no clue how I would connect this to...
  4. shyneforever1

    Does this look like a good battery?

  5. H

    Survey for my master thesis on eBikes

    Hello together! My name is Helena and i am currently working on my master thesis, regarding the topic "Urban mobility of the future". As part of this topic, I am researching the topic of eBikes. More specifically, how the trend is developing and how they are becoming suitable for the masses...
  6. H

    Can I put a frame lock on the front wheel (fork) instead?

    I recently purchased a Como 5.0 low entry from my local bike shop. I ordered a keyed-alike Abus set with the Bordo lock and the frame (cafe lock) that matches the battery lock. Question/Dilemma: The local bike shop says they spent two hours and cannot find a way to attach the frame lock to the...
  7. R

    My 2004 Electra Rat Fink ebike conversion

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd finally join this forum after seeing the great community helping each other out, apologies as I am a bit of a newbie to ebike world, but am enjoying it so much when it works, it really suits the cruiser style of bike and has been immense fun to ride. I have an Electra...
  8. Rkpine

    I need help

    I bought an ebike conversion kit, 48v 1000 watt rear wheel with LCD. I removed the pins from a wire connector from the brushless hub motor to the controller. When I replaced the pins in the connector, I messed up. I switched red and black and on the 3 pin row yellow and blue. When i...
  9. A

    Search options

    Hey Court It would be great to add some search criteria. Here are some ideas that would help me and maybe others. Wheel size I.e. 24 inch; rider size (I am 5’1”, anyone else?). Couple of examples. Also, I have arthritis and am finding that some features would be helpful but it’s like a needle...
  10. S

    Help! My bike doesn't work!

    I finished assembling everything today. Charged the battery, connected all the wires.... And nothing. It doesn't turn on, it doesn't go. There are a couple wires not connected to anything, but I don't see anything for them to connect to. This kit came with no instructions, and the website only...
  11. B

    Need help with Ebike rear hub motor

    My rear hub motor is spinning my axle and making my rear wheel come off the bike , please help
  12. I

    Ariel Rider Support Problems | Never Answers Their Phone

    Has anyone been able to get in touch with Ariel Rider lately? My girlfriend put in an order for the Class C bike and it's backordered, but the backorder date has changed recently and I'd like to ask them about when to expect the bike. I've tried calling (never answered a phone call) and I've...
  13. S

    Used Ebike - Specialized Turbo X 2015

    Dear All, I would need some advice regarding the pruchase of a second hand ebike with following features: - specialized turbo X - model 2015 - 6000 km (approx 3700 miles!) - power of motor: 500w - asking price: usd 2’ooo I am quite worried about the mileage which is quite big. The person said...
  14. D1G1T4L3CH0

    Help Identify This E-Bike Please

    Hey, new here, well not really. I've been a long time visitor of EBR but I'm new to the forums. Anyway I just got a bike from someone and it's not running at the moment. The battery seems to have a very small charge on it enough to make the horn sound very low. But nothing else works. It...
  15. callum

    i really need some help with my custom ebike

    battery i bought worked straight out the box so unplugged it charged then tried to plug it in again and now it does not work when the battery is not plugged into the bike it reads 49v but when its plugged into the bike now it then reads 0.03v unplug it again back to 49v can someone please help...
  16. b-hatch

    Need help picking a build

    Hello, I am a college student looking to make my commute to school a little easier while also interested in taking an e bike camping in the future. However being a college student im on a pretty strict budget. I would like to spend 400ish on the kit (Everything minus the bike) I dont need a...
  17. Pacolito

    Gearless & brushless Hub motor run but not the wheel :(

    Hello i bought a week ago a ebike kit ( MXUS 48v 1000w front hub brushless and gearless ) after going up a sidewalk the motor stop running, then jerks, and now it turn but not the wheel someone told me it was stripped gear in my motor but its gearless so what could it be???? Thank you Ps: it's...
  18. shawn wolowicz

    New RadCity, wrong fork? Would love for you to opine

    Hi folks, newb to the forum. I'm not a mechanic of any kind and I haven't worked on a bike in years, but I think my new RadCity may have come wither the wrong fork attached. The fork appears to be way to wide for the wheel provided. The very outside edges of the threaded part of the axle BARELY...
  19. M

    E-bike for Seattle

    I am looking for a commuter bike that can get me up some steep hills and around Seattle. Which brands would be best? I don't have a huge budget, but I'm willing to invest. I made this list of what I'm looking for: Can be ridden manually Affordable battery replacement ($300 or preferably less)...
  20. joseph w


    I'm looking for my first electric bike, but here's the thing. i live in NYC. after a lot of detailed researching, i have figured out EXACTLY the requirements that need to be met in order for me to LEGALLY ride an e-bike in NYC. if anyone would be so kind as to help me find the best bike that...