1. N

    2020 Homage Shock Specifications

    It appears that my 2020 homage is in need to a shock replacement. I searched around and I'll I can find is that it is a "X-Fusion O2 Pro Air, 100mm Travel." Does anyone know the length specifications? I am considering either replacing it or swapping it out with a different brand. Thanks.
  2. T

    New Bike Choice - Riese and Muller Homage

    Decision time, my trusty Riese and Muller Delite Dual Battery Vario 2018 is in being repaired. Chained up in London, near Liverpool street, 2 days after going back to work after best part of 2 years. Came out and both batteries stolen, luckily I had insurance so its getting two new batteries and...
  3. MokumFietser

    Pondering a Riese Muller purchase and could use some guidance

    I currently have a Tern GSD S00 LX which i love but I really want to buy a second ebike for my wife which i can use as well. I want another bike so we can ride together although she’s against the principle of an ebike. She doesn’t like the GSD as it’s too bulky especially with the 2 kids on...
  4. D

    Gates Carbon Drive : User Experiences

    Today my R&M Homage's Gates Carbon Drive failed without warning – none that I was aware of, anyway. As far as I could tell, one moment the belt was perfect, the next utterly useless. Many of the 'teeth' were missing and the blue nylon 'facing cloth' was shredded. The belt had come off both...