1. stackmac02

    Help debugging rear hub

    Hello, I am a novice bike rider and need some advice. I am currently in Israel and was given a Foffa single speed bike that I believe has a pedal assist rear hub. I know nothing about hub or electric bikes. The guy who gave it to me said it needed work for the hub to work. I took the bike out...
  2. toadsprocket

    Bafang REAR HUB motor programming

    Hello, I recently got Biktrix juggernaut rear HUB drive ebike. It uses a 750 watt Bafang HUB drive motor. Can I get a cable to re program this? I was only able to find programming cables for Bafang mid drive motors. Thank you.
  3. J

    Daymak Vienna Hub motor siezed?

    hello everyone, i am new here. i have a 2014 daymak vienna and it has about 5000 km on it (lol). so when winter came i was driving it a little before the original 3 year old batteries finally gave up. so i stored it in my room for a couple months. now fast forward a few months and now i picked...
  4. Derekj118

    Rear Hub Trek 7300 Build (hybrid Hybrid Bike)

    Hey All! I just got done ( well %90 complete) my new build. I was originally goin to take the advice of most people and use my existing Northrock XC6 Bike and replace it with new components, new motor, and a new battery. I ordered a new 26' Black Magic 5 Rear Hub (Magic Pie 5) from LunaCycle. As...
  5. Derekj118

    New Bike Build Questions & Opinions (Hub Motor)

    Hey guys, this is my first post . I am starting a new build with a new 26' Black Magic Vector ( Magic Pie 5 ) kit from Luna paired with a 52v 13.5ah Shark Pack with Panasonic GA cells mounted on the frame. I will eventually be purchasing a 52v Mighty Mini Cube Pack with Panasonic PF cells (...
  6. SpiderDice

    More USB ports...more fun!

    Easily add more USB ports to your RPB with USB hub and a proper extension cable! I'm sure many of you have already done this already, but here's what I did. Feel free to copy what I bought and what I did. 4-port USB Hub (You can get any one you like. I chose this one from Anker, it's a...
  7. D

    Brake calliper rubs on the hub motor

    i got a new hub motor and i tried to install my existing rotors to it, but the space between the rotor and the hub is too small so my calliper rubs on the hub.. .i have 160mm rotors and avid juicy 7 callipers on a 2008 trek fuel ex 9