1. pushkar

    Autobots- roll out. Hydra Prime. Finally shipping!

  2. pushkar

    4/1 update on Shipping and delivery

    Previous Update here Delivery dates : Hydra 1. First batch of Frames are being painted. We hope to roll out the builds starting end of next week. 2. We received the fat tire rear triangles. They will be part of the builds. Helios 1. A very limited batch of frames have shipped today AM...
  3. BarnBoy

    The "UNOFFICIAL" Hydra FAQ thread....

    Web Page Info- Use the Hydra or Hydra Frameset to configure and order your dream ebike. And be sure to read the OFFICIAL WW HYDRA FAQ page… Motor, Controller & Battery - The WW web page has the best information as to the Bafang Ultra motor, the Archon X1 power and battery options. The...
  4. P

    Belt drive?

    @pushkar we keep hearing about the belt drive for the FS bikes. I know you are busy, but a few questions... 1. Is there an ETA ? 2. Will it be backward compatible with the current hydra frames?
  5. pushkar

    2/26 update

    All, Previous update here - https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/2-6-update-on-timelines-and-shipping.40768/ Hydra Sizing : 1. We are confirming that we will be able to produce Hydra in size XL. Thanks for the encouragement @BarnBoy . This will cater to rider 6'2" to 6'8"...
  6. pushkar

    2/6 Update on timelines and Shipping

    All, Previous update here - https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/1-19-update-on-timelines-and-shipping.40461/ Hydra 1. For all orders before Dec 20 - we have the frames with the shipper now. 2. We have 2 size S still unspoken for. 3. If you ordered the fat tire, that will be...
  7. pushkar

    Price Update Incoming next week - bike and components

    All As I have referred in one of the earlier posts, next week we will be re-calibrating the base and component prices for all our bikes. I want to provide some background on why and how much 1. Increase in component costs - 5-35% (lower % on higher priced components) 2. Increase in shipping...
  8. pushkar

    1/19 Update on timelines and Shipping

    All, Previous update here - https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/somewhat-weekly-timeframe-update-on-bikes-and-shipping-and-order-customization.40214/ Big update - We are paying for airfreight for all frames and battery for Hydra and Helios to meet the Feb / march timelines for all...
  9. pushkar

    Somewhat weekly Timeframe update on bikes and shipping and order customization

    1. Helios - Frames are being made as we speak, and Estimated shipping from Asia is end of Feb. This will be a limited qty for all orders placed prior to Nov 30. 2. Hydra - the limited number of frames for December will ship from Asia tomorrow. Estimates that frames will be here mid-late...