1. B

    Buy in Canada, then bring it to the States?

    I have family living in Toronto, I wonder if it is worth it to get it in Toronto, then take the train back to USA with the bike to avoid shipping issues and import issues?
  2. C

    Shipping to the US

    I live in California, US and would like to buy the Teo LTD. Has anyone in the US bought a Teo bike? Can you share info as to customs fees, duties etc? Benoit says they ship to the US ($150) but that I would perhaps have to pay customs clearance. The info online is confusing but makes it clear...
  3. H

    Conversion kit - Mid drive Vs Front Hub Drive Vs Back Hub Drive

    Hello Everyone, First of all, Thank you ver much EBR for such a great website, content and the youtube channel. Problem : 1. I want to build DIY Ebike, so I want to know what do these three kit do the best, worst, merits and demerits. 2. As I am from India could anyone suggest from where...
  4. Biker

    Take an ST2 to Japan

    Hi, I'm currently stationed in Japan but home on leave. I want to buy an ST2 and take it back with me boxed up on my flight (ANA). Will I make it?? Through the airline, through Japanese customs, does anyone have first hand experience with this? If I try and get stopped at customs in Japan, where...