1. S

    iGo Quindici E-Comodo 2019 (Montreal, Canada - Quilicot store)

    Hi I just bought an iGo Quindici E-Comodo 2019 from Quilicot in Montreal. Anybody else here have one? The sales person explained that it was an exclusive model to them from iGo. Pretty good specs at a great price ($1699CAD = $1277USD) Bafang rear motor 500watts 36V 14AH battery Front...
  2. O

    Nireeka on IGG for $799

    Hi all, First time, long time! I have never bought into a crowd funding project for more than a few bucks, but there is one that has me thinking: It looks beautiful, has some trick features and can be ordered...
  3. Mat Cooper

    Gi FlyBike

    Hey all, Just thought I would make a thread on this bike. I was very close to backing this project when it was on Kickstarter, such a tidy looking bike, useful folding mechanism and I also thought it looked awesome :) They had another round of funding on Indiegogo. The price seemed pretty good...