1. Amego Electric Vehicles

    Ebike Assembly Tips & More

    For new e-bike riders, take a look at these videos: ... 2OkaI9-UHt (Playlist) (Taking an e-bike out of its box) (Some items that come with e-bikes) (How to install handlebars) (How to install pedals) (Adjusting your saddle - seat height)...
  2. Denis Shelston

    Assembling your Limited, notes

    Well, it's done. Fully assembled. Looks absolutely stunning. My wife says: wow, it's soooo big. A comment only a husband can appreciate I guess ;) Some notes, there is no Limited specific installation notes in the documentation at all. There is instruction for the Téo S. 1. I installed the...
  3. R

    Help installing ebike conversion kit in Ontario

    I plan to buy a Bafang mid-drive conversion kit and would like to pay someone to install it for me. I live in Kingston, Ontario but would travel to Toronto or Ottawa for this service. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  4. walawn

    headlight help

    Hey guys! First post. I just got my new Radrover after waiting a month for it to ship. It all assembled except for the headlight. Could someone show me step by step on how to install it (wire it up)? Thanks in advance.