1. J.R.

    Electric Bikes and Insurance

    Good in-depth and informative article about insurance and ebiking. It's not just about theft or damage recovery.
  2. dgroebl

    Bike Insurance? ebikes not covered under homeowners/renters, & >750W not covered by bike insurance

    I've recently purchased a 1500W Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS and I want to protect my investment with some insurance coverage. Just curious what options people have found to ensure their larger ebikes? I called my insurance company and they told me that they won't cover an ebike because it...
  3. Phil Peyton

    Insurance for ebike rental or ebike tour company

    Hey folks, I'm going to be getting quotes for liability insurance for an ebike tour business. I will NOT be renting the bikes, just leading ebike tours. Can anyone who rents ebikes or does ebike tours give me an idea of annual premiums or how your waivers are implemented? Also any applicable...
  4. dm nelson

    Registering Bike

    Last year I had a couple of nice bikes stolen from my house. They were locked in the garage and taken while I was away on holiday. Found out the hard way the importance of registering bikes. The police & others request details to help recover bikes. As there is no program to register bikes here...
  5. E

    Insurance in California?

    Any California riders have a bike-specific insurance policy? Any experiences with Spoke or Veloinsurance?