1. Chris Nolte

    Interbike Updates: New Focus Bikes for 2018 (Jam², Bold² & Project Y)

    Many new bikes are coming to the US for 2018 and Court highlighted some of them in the below video. We also did a review of the Jam² and Bold² which Court just posted. I'll be at the Focus dealer event in Santa Cruz this week so feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Focus Bold²...
  2. Z

    Tern unveils the GSD—a Bosch ebike that fits the whole family, but carries a family too

    Taipei, Taiwan, August 2nd 2017 – Urban transportation specialist Tern Bicycles unveiled the GSD — an ebike that defines a new category: ‘compact utility’. The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or 180 kg of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long—shorter than a Dutch city...
  3. Tara D.

    2016 A2B Updates from Interbike

    Very neat stuff from A2B- The Entz will be for sale in January 2016 and has a 250 watt continental drive system with belt drive and NuVinci Harmony automatic shifting variable transmission! Very nice that the tail light is on the battery so no additional wiring to the back. Two new prototypes A...