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    Front light that can run from intuvia micro USB port

    Hi, Are there any front lights that can be powered by the Bosch intuvia micro USB port, I have a front light that will charge via usb but the light can’t be on while it is charging. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Problems with Intuvia

    Hi, I charged my bike up after the winter layover. All went well. The LEDs on the battery pack lit up, and the Intuvia lit up to say 'Charging' and it showed charging progress. But, once charged and I took the charger off, the Intuvia will simply not respond. It appears dead. I have pressed the...
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    Bosch - Intuvia (Walk-Assist Mode not working)

    Hello all, I have a new 2017 Haibike XDuro Full 7.0 with the Intuvia /Bosch CX drive system. (Firmware versions: Displ. v5.7.2.0 and DU v1.7.0.0) I am not able to get "Walk Assist" working at all. Never get the display to refect "Walk Assist" . I have read the manual and tried every which way to...