1. kingtermite

    Juggernaut Ultra 1000 with thinner tires?

    Just curious if anyone knows (Roshan can answer if he sees this) if the Ultra 1000 can come in thinner tires? If the fit/feel works out, I'd like to build as a commuter type bike, but I really don't need fat tires. I was hoping to get something like 1.5 to 2" tires. Is that just not strong...
  2. roshan

    Latest Greatest Kickass Biktrix Juggernaut

    Hi all, You know we always like to keep improving things on our bikes. We ran out of Juggernauts and we thought it's the perfect opportunity to make it even better than it already is. Check out these pictures. Can you spot the changes? PS: Who likes the full fenders?
  3. roshan

    Juggernaut now available with 1000W BBSHD option

    Hi all, We are now offering a BBSHD option for those who want that. This motor is paired with Sanyo 48V 11.6Ah battery pack. Lots of folks asked us for this option so its now available! https://www.biktrix.com/collections/bikes/products/biktrix-juggernaut-mid-drive Cheers, Roshan