1. Urbanmtndew1

    Question about the Izip E3 Vibe+

    This weekend I have purchased an used 2016 Izip E3 Vibe+. It has some wear from the looks of a pannier. Over all looks to be in good condition. But when I went to pick it up there wasn't a key to "unlock" the battery pack. Due to my living situation I do not have an inside storage area where i...
  2. Peadar

    ST1 keys

    Anyone have any luck cutting a spare key for the battery compartment for an ST1 elite? I lost my main one, and would like to always have a spare. NYCE wheels and Stromer are saying I need to replace the entire lockset for $50 plus shipping, despite my having the serial numbers of the keys, and...
  3. L

    New ST2 Owner - Thrills and Frustrations

    Picked up a new ST2 at Mike's Bikes last Sunday and it's been great fun with some frustrations. The Fun ER Sunday night ride in the dark bombing around like a child on his first bike ride. Took awhile to get used to the amazing speed and near-instant accelaration. Of course I rode in power...