1. M

    Lightest ebike kit from Bikee Bike

    Hi guys, I'm Matteo from Bikee Bike. I created this post to answer your questions about the new system we're launching. Also I welcome suggestions, heads up and different points of view. Please feel free to ask for more info, you'll be able to get most of them on the dedicated website...
  2. P

    For sale: Complete Grin Technologies Kit + 26.5-Ah battery

    I am selling a full kit to convert your Surly Puglsey or other fat bike into an efficient all season commuting bike. Kit details, high quality components from Grin Technologies in Vancouver, BC: • V3 Cycle Analyst, note: speedometer readout not available with sensorless operation, but have...
  3. B

    E Trike conversion

    Wife has m/s and uses a Segway. She needs to change due to balance and agility issues as she approached 65. She needs: Range, a couple of miles - slowly. Bought her a Terratrike Rover. She can't get it going from a start, she can't do the hill home after walking the dog. I'm a wrench and...
  4. Eagle

    Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit stopped working

    Hi, After recently buying a used Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit, I set it up and got it working briefly, but now it's not working. I'm using new batteries (36V, 9AH, SLA). I've tested them with a multimeter and they are fine. (I've tested the wiring up to the controller, and it all...
  5. b-hatch

    Need help picking a build

    Hello, I am a college student looking to make my commute to school a little easier while also interested in taking an e bike camping in the future. However being a college student im on a pretty strict budget. I would like to spend 400ish on the kit (Everything minus the bike) I dont need a...
  6. JayVee

    Any tips on bleeding Magura MT4 brakes?

    I wanted to check my disk pads, but had a brain fade moment and started unscrewing the fluid screw on the front brake instead of the one that retains the pads. :rolleyes: I think a tiny amount of fluid might have slipped away, even if air pressure is supposed to keep the fluid in the tube. For...
  7. Alphbetadog

    EBO kit comparison with Haibike

    Last autumn I discovered ebikes and have been very enthusiastic about them ever since. After reading and watching just about every one of Court’s reviews at that time, I decided to purchase 2 Electric Bike Outfitter kits for my wife’s and my 20 and 30 year old mountain bikes which I previously...
  8. Zvikaz

    A 3 year old converion kit

    Most of you may know know it, but in Israelthe power limitation of a motor on an electric bike is 250 W ! Sounds like the government is stricting it to be a game for children ... In most cases its true - the averave age buying and electric bike in israel is 15, which is sad. It causes alot of...
  9. Tara D.

    Add-E 600W Ebike Kit Video Review

    I love the stealth of this bike but it is disappointingly loud. Seems like it took quite a lot of work to get this kit installed on this bike, hopefully no one runs into that problem but if they do I hope they make some fun videos of their install!
  10. Tara D.

    Add-E 250W Kit

    Another friction drive option here. I like how the cap twists to add power at 50 watt increments up to 250 making it legal internationally.
  11. Tara D.

    Front Range Kit

    The Electric Bike Outfitters EBO Front Range Kit is a powerful gear-less hub motor kit capable of being installed as a front or rear wheel, sturdy and relatively quiet!
  12. Tara D.

    EBO Commuter Kit

    One of the things I like about this kit is the amount of flexibility it allows with different width on the axles 100mm 120mm 130mm 135m Also Available in a huge assortment of wheel sizes including 16″, 20″, 24″, 26″, 27.5″ (650B) and ~28″ (700c) so you can convert folding bikes, kids bikes, road...