1. L

    Ecotric lightning ebike UART error

    I have an ecotric lightning ebike and it is showing error 30 on the display (s700), when I looked in the manual it said it is a "UART receive error". The motor won't work and the display doesn't recognize when I move the bike tire... Help!
  2. dsvogel

    2017 Raleigh Redux IE - Install Lighting?

    After test-riding a number eBikes in and around the Atlanta area, I settled on the Raleigh Redux IE. It is impressive up hills despite the seemingly low wattage of the motor (I've learned that more watts doesn't necessarily mean more/better assist). It's also got that stealth look, with a...
  3. M

    BH Evo Cross Lightning (Kit)

    I'm looking for the Evo cross from BH. Can someone give me here a tip for a good lighting type or better yet, does anyone know the exact power values that provides the System for the lighting. I am particularly concerned with the amperage. I have been two different information get, 500, the...