1. Sco06

    D Class- no lights, no throttle

    I am here hoping to get anyone and everyone’s thoughts and advice. My new D Class was delivered last weekend and after I put it together to spec and charged the battery fully, I was ready to ride. I loaded in the battery, the control panel came on as it should and I set all the settings per AR...
  2. Dragonspeed88

    Upgraded Radwagon 4 Lighting

    I picked up a new Radwagon 4 this spring since I currently am not driving and needed something that could do everything (on a budget) but I knew from the start that the OEM Spanninga lights would likely be a problem after reading reviews and talking to a friend who had bought a Rad Mini. Sure...
  3. FullyCharged

    Handlebar Lights Review: Evolva Future Technology X8 (1800 Lumen)

    Recently I purchased two of these lights for the handlebar on my NCM Moscow Plus. I did a lot of research into the more expensive premium brands like the lezyne 1800i and many others. Nothing had the most bang for the buck than these $60CDN units. Here's some specs: SOURCE WEBSITE Some...
  4. mbouck

    Jugernaut Ultra 1000 - Dutch commuter style w/ integrated lights

    Just finished re-configuring my new Jugernaut Ultra 1000 in "commuter mode" complete with integrated 48V front and rear lighting! Before I get to the integrated lights (because that's it's own story) here are the changes I made to the stock configuration: Busch + Müller IQ X E headlight (150...
  5. Barkme Wolf

    My Accessory Video

  6. Richard Pender-Brookes

    eBike Build - part1 - cable looms.

    Hey all, I've been wanting to build an eBike for ages so finally started converting both my bike and my wife's at the same time to mid drive. (average avanti frames maybe 10 years old) I hated all the cables everywhere so started working out how to run internal looms. Im running the control...
  7. N

    Communication helmets?

    Do you use communication helmets? What type do you have? and what do you like and dislike about it? Camera or no camera?
  8. N

    Communication helmets?

    Do you use communication helmets? What type do you have? and what do you like and dislike about it? Camera or no camera?
  9. HeikkiM

    Lights in Haibike Trekking Pro S

    HI! I have haibike trekking Pro S (2016) pedelec. The bike is great but there is one thing I have not been able to live with. The lights. It seems that the front light is ON all the time and the rear light is OFF. There is light switch in the Nyon computer, but it seems that nothing happens...
  10. kermit_xc

    Retrofitting rear light to a brooks saddle

    any ideas what to use to bond the plastic harness to the Brooks saddle (Swift). It looks like a pretty good fit actually - but I don't want to damage the leather with drilling anything, it would have to be a glue / epoxy that bonds to the tool bag mounts (titanium) any suggestions good...
  11. Nirmala

    Anyone here try the LucidBrake motion sensing brake light?

    This rear light senses when you are slowing down and lights up as a brake light: Anyone here that has used one?
  12. P

    Lighting on Trekking RS

    The rear light has stopped working on my '14 Trekking RS. It's the one with built-in generator and Trelock front and rear lights. I was trying to figure out the right-hand thumb switch, and I wonder if I inadvertently turned off the taillight. The front light works. I've found holding the...
  13. RobW

    2016 Turbo lights?!

    I'm poking around and from what I can see, there are no integrated lights on the 2016 Turbo X. I posted in the thread with the sneak peak video, and it is clear in that video at 28 minutes that there are no lights on the Turbo X, only on the Turbo S and the Turbo. You can have suspension, or...