lightweight ebike

  1. S

    Wanted: light ebike with throttle

    Hello, I'm new to ebikes, and am looking for some recommendations! I'm looking for an e bike that: is lightweight (preferably 30lbs or less) is stealthy looking has 3 bike modes (manual, pedal assist, and throttle) is suitable for someone who is 5'4 has a kickstand has suspension can be...
  2. G

    The lightest e-bikes (not folding) -- can't decide which one is the best

    Hello! I have been a bike commuter for almost 7 years. I enjoy each 5-mile ride (one way) but admittedly there are days that I leave my office totally exhausted or sick or days that I don’t want to break a sweat in that hilly ride (ok, it’s not that hilly but…) Anyway, I’ve been looking for a...
  3. BenTarassoli

    Lightweight AND affordable eBikes

    I believe weight is a big issue when it comes to electric bikes. There are a few under 40 lbs eBikes in the industry, however they are very expensive! At Propella we are excited to release our new eBike model that weighs under 35 lbs (15.8 kg) using Panasonic High-Density Li-ion cells, with...