long commute

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    Fuell Flluid 1S - Twin Battery Class 3 E-Bike (Brand NEW in Box) Size L Dark Grey (Bay Area) $3800

    I ordered this from indigogo but got sidetracked when a Luna X1 became available which I brought a few months ago. The Flluid arrived on Christmas eve and I have not even unboxed it as I'm only allowed one e-bike (by order of the boss). Mid Drive Bofeilli Motor (500W, 100Nm Torque, 28mph top...
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    Zemo vs. Bulls or other suggestion? Long commute

    I will be moving to France and living in a village at 600 meters. I plan to commute to work 25 km each way, with a return elevation gain of 300 meters. So 50 km per day x 5 days. Am considering a Bulls bike but also another brand--Zemo ZE 10 Automatic? It has a Nuvinci N380 shifting unit...