long commute

  1. Curiouslearner

    Please recommend a 1st time budget bike Acc to my requirements

    Hello guys this is my 1st community post I am here to get recommendations for my 1st bike my budget is 1500CAD and I would like to have a bike which can possibly provide me best range in the budget and can be ridden on roads for long range daily commute even during snow ....... please help me m...
  2. M

    Fuell Flluid 1S - Twin Battery Class 3 E-Bike (Brand NEW in Box) Size L Dark Grey (Bay Area) $3800

    I ordered this from indigogo but got sidetracked when a Luna X1 became available which I brought a few months ago. The Flluid arrived on Christmas eve and I have not even unboxed it as I'm only allowed one e-bike (by order of the boss). Mid Drive Bofeilli Motor (500W, 100Nm Torque, 28mph top...
  3. B

    Zemo vs. Bulls or other suggestion? Long commute

    I will be moving to France and living in a village at 600 meters. I plan to commute to work 25 km each way, with a return elevation gain of 300 meters. So 50 km per day x 5 days. Am considering a Bulls bike but also another brand--Zemo ZE 10 Automatic? It has a Nuvinci N380 shifting unit...