1. P

    How to set range readout on Pathfinder 350

    Just joined the forums and also just got a Pathfinder 350w. I love it so far, but the manual for the Bigstone H102 display is atrocious. It claims I can set the display to tell me the remaining range, but hitting the top button as indicated only cycles between odo and trip and never shows range...
  2. M

    Just got my first ebike

    I just got my first ebike, a Magnum Premium LS. I test rode a couple of ebikes in my town but there wasn't a huge selection (of affordable bikes) and neither of them had a throttle, so I went to a shop with a larger selection 90 minutes away. I immediately fell in love with this bike. It's so...
  3. HKwolf86

    Houston Magnum Peak FOR SALE! Excellent condition guys!!

    Have it for sale on Facebook but can contact me on here.
  4. B

    Choosing between folding bikes & the local shops that sell them

    It'll be a commuting bike that will be stored in my trunk, as I live in a walk-up without an elevator. My commute is ~4 mi each way with ~1.5mi long hill, and I used to do it on my pedal-powered hybrid but now I get too sweaty for the workplace & need another option. I'm currently deciding...
  5. S

    When will the new 2018 models come out?

    I saw Court's clip from Interbike visit with Magnum and the Voyager model looked interesting... And love the new stealthy look of the battery within the frame.
  6. B

    C7 Display on Metro+

    Hi, While there is a youtube video on how to change the C7 display from mph to kph, it doesn't explain what all the words and numbers mean on the display. I mean, I know what PAS is but it has some icons and no explanation of what they mean. Is there an online manual for this? It has 'trip...
  7. OJS

    Juiced CrossCruurent or... (Haibike)

    Hey all - happy to have found this great community & all its resources! I'm looking to buy my first ebike for my 13-mile (mostly flat) commute to work 2x/week. Pedelec / 28mph is important as I'm looking to cut down the commute time. I've read a lot abt rear hub, geared rear hub vs mid-drive &...
  8. V

    New 20" from Magnum

    Anyone have any experience with folding, 500w "Magnum Premium", is it good deal? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  9. J

    Looking for my first Ebike

    Hello, my name is Jeff and I looking for my first Ebike. I have been trying to research them as much as possible in the past 6 months or so using this website. I have to say that all of Courts reviews have been awesome! After all my research, I think I am ready to buy one in the next couple of...
  10. Nirmala

    My new Magnum Ui5 : first impressions

    I just got a Magnum Ui5 and I posted some impressions in the comments for the main review on here of this bike. But I thought I would copy and paste them here also for anyone who finds their way to this forum first: So, our Ui5 arrived today. I had a few hiccups setting it up: I was not...