mid drive

  1. nate_lynch

    New York-area E-Bike Auction

    Hi all, My nonprofit is auctioning off a Polygon Path-E electric bike that is finishing up Monday! Local pickup in NYC only but it's shaping up to be a pretty good deal. Auction is here (bike is at the bottom, we're also auctioning off some great commuter bags). Proceeds benefit Transportation...
  2. Valerio

    Pedal assist sensor in Bafang mid drive

    Hello everyone, I have a silly question: is the pedal assist sensor integrated inside bafang mid drives? I’m considering getting a bafang after 3 years using a 1000 W rear hub and im a bit tired of pedaling so hard when the battery dies... I have seen a few videos and they all seem to require...
  3. A

    Newton-meters of old Active Line vs new Active Line Plus?

    I am a bit confused about the nm ratings of the portfolio of Active Line motors from Bosch. I read somewhere that the older Active Line motors from 2016-2017 (which were featured on the first Vektron) output 50 nm of torque, the same as today's Active Line Plus. Whereas today's Active Line...
  4. Petropoliskhan

    Can anyone tell me what brand/model this beauty is

    Hi,Can anyone tell me what brand/model this beauty is Thanks
  5. nilbox3693

    Introducing Calamus C-Vision

    Hello guys! We are a team of young designers and engineers from India with an aim to build a premium e-bike that is affordable for everyone. We want to build a bike that is for the people, listening to the problems and the requirements of the current e-bike users. We have created a small survey...
  6. T

    Just took the plunge and spent $1500+ on my first eBike build

    I've built motorized gasoline bikes in the past but needed something more stealthy (and I wanted to try something new). My purchase list so far: Trek Marlin 5 Bafang BBS02 48v 750W kit Calibike 48v 20aH battery Misc (ie Bike lock, lights, etc) I recently found out that my bike has hydraulic...
  7. Dmitri

    Cannot find the main drive bearing on 2nd Gen motor

    My 2nd gen motor became noisy and the internets say it's due to a dying main drive bearing. So I bought all the tools and the bearings, removed the crank with the crank puller, then removed the sprocket and... I cannot find the drive bearing to replace. Can someone tell me where the main drive...
  8. Joe

    BBS01B Motor unit for sale, $155

    If anyone is looking at a cheap way to get into a conversion or wants some BBS parts here it is. New. Includes installed 250w controller. We can include the stock chain ring, guard, cranks and main wire harness. Display, throttle and e-levers not included. $155 plus shipping
  9. Barry S

    Need help understanding motor wattage

    In regards to the Bafang G06 geared hub motor for instance, what's the internal difference between the 500W and 750W? Is there a noticeable difference in performance? What about between the BBS02 and BBSHD mid drives? I understand that peak output is determined by the controller/battery...
  10. Mike AbiEzzi

    Fat bike - climb 2k ft elevation over 6 miles at high speed

    Hi, I'm looking for a fat bike that can maintain a high speed on a steep climb. Ideally I would like a 28mph bike or be able to unlock a motor so that I can reach that speed. I've never ridden an electric bike up hill, so I'm not sure how possible this is. Can a motor and battery power a bike...
  11. P

    Knowledgable advice sought.

    Hi, I have basically got 2 option, one much more expensive. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) And (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) My question: (the cheaper bike has another 100 odd for postage . ) is it worth getting the more expensive bike? Foldability is definately and advantage, as is...
  12. V

    What type of electric bike motor is good for commuting without sweating.

    Hi, I am looking to buy an e bike and I have some requirements that I think most people will find odd. These are specific to me and since I am new to this world of e-bikes I would like some advice please. Goals: I want to use an e bike for daily commutes -all year round without sweating. (I...
  13. SV Moving On

    HUB vs MID DRIVE - how can I compare?

    I am researching the heck out of a bike I can use as an overland trail bike. We have a Winnebago Revel on the way and need to match it up with a bike that can get us around some cool trails. I've noticed some bikes have the option of a 350 w Mid Drive and a 500 w Hub Drive. Can someone help me...
  14. Bike_On

    Optibike 10 year Anniversary

    I found this to be motivating.... Optibike Celebrates Ten Years Dear Dan It is official, Optibike has now been building and selling electric bikes for 10 years! It seems like yesterday when we loaded our first Optibike 400 into the waiting truck for its trip to South Africa. Optibike is...
  15. Griego

    Comparing Mid Drives

    Great site! Thanks to all of those involved. I have some mid drive bikes in my compare bucket. It's rarely possible to test ride everything I'm interested in even tough I live in a major city (Chicago). That's the toughest part about having the desire to buy an electric bike. I couldn't...
  16. P

    X-Treme Summit 36v & 48v mid-drive

    I noticed almost a year ago a post here asking about the x-treme Summit mid-drive, and did not see any responses, so thought I would try again. In looking at their website, they seem to have a variety of electric bikes available. I was somewhat surprised not to see the X-Treme brand listed...
  17. en2ec

    May be moving to Vienna, Austria, will need commuter e-bike

    I tend to be wordy, so I'll summarize in bullet points at the top: -I live in the US now but may be moving to Vienna, Austria in the next couple of months -Need an e-bike for a 20 km commute each way (elevation: 60 m up, 90 m down from home to work) -I'm 5'7" 240 pounds -- I'm in better shape...
  18. Bike_On

    Owner of a New Focus Adventura S10, 2014

    I want to give a short report on my new mid drive. I was riding a Falco HX500 on a Trek DS8.5, which got rear ended by a car and is out of commission. I decided I wanted to go back to a mid drive, have it be a Speed Pedelec, and be an all around commuter bike. I ended up buying a demo from...
  19. e_adventure

    ebike for a hilly commute

    Greetings, I am in the market for a new ebike. After much online research, looking through these forums, and trying out some bikes at my local shop, I think I could use some experienced opinions from the ebike community. I have a long bicycle commute to work, and there are lots of hills at...
  20. celticbill

    bionx 350 20" wheel vs bionx 500 29" wheel

    I have been riding a Bikefriday with a 350 kit retrofitted and have been thinking about moving it to my Greenspeed Magnum tadpole trike. I would then get a bionx d500 to put on my old Surly Karate Monkey. I am 6'5" and around 240lbs and I am concerned about the difference in torque/power when...