1. Redeemed

    Radcity slower than Radmini

    So, my wife and I ride our Rad's to work most days. Her mini slowly walks away from me, and I'm peddling hard in 6th gear on PAS 3., and she is running the mini in 4th gear on PAS 4. Also when using just the throttle, the speedometer reads 19.3 - 19.5 on flat ground...never 20MPH. Is that normal?
  2. Airwheel2016

    Airwheel Z8 Lightweight Electric Scooter Is a New Member of Z- Series

    Dedicated to developing the most appropriate means of transport to facilitate daily commuting with latest technology, Airwheel continues to meet more people's demands. The release of Airwheel Z8 adds many colorful elements to daily riding. Z series was firstly released in 2015, and Z3 was its...
  3. SpiderDice

    Just a little tip.. (Avg. & Max Speed)

    Did you know that you can display your Average and Max speed when on a bike ride? I looked in the user manual for how to do this, but to no I figured it out for myself! Just push and hold the "Up" arrow on the keypad, and it will switch the current MPH to Average and then to Max!