1. Z

    Throttle does not come back to its original position.

    The throttle won't come back to its original position and keeps accelerating non-stop. It looks like the spring/string is broken. Any idea how to solve this issue?
  2. C

    Fat Tire E-Bike Decisions - Need Input.

    Hi All, First post ever here, and I have been looking to narrow down my fat tire e-bike choices. I was originally going to do my own conversion with a Northrock XC00, but chose to just get something prebuilt instead. Doing mostly paved trails and some light desert trails in AZ. If any here can...
  3. Ryan - Leon Cycle

    Official NCM assembly video

    Includes all the information you need to know about receiving your new bike and proper assembly. Question, comments, suggestions? Please let us know at or on this thread.
  4. FullyCharged

    Broken Das-Kit Controller (YouTube Video)

    YOUTUBE LINK Randomly stumbled across this video on YT. Here's what I translated from the video description. OP in comments (translated):
  5. FullyCharged

    NCM DeHawk/Reention Battery Specs

    Yesterday I started researching into the batteries for our NCM bikes. NCM has them listed as DeHawk which is using the Chinese made Reention Dorado+ Series battery cases. Here's some data I've collected recently while searching for a 48V 21Ah 505mm compatible battery for my Moscow Plus. I will...
  6. FullyCharged

    NCM Bike Manuals (.PDF's)

    NCM Munich Owners Manual NCM Hamburg Owners Manual NCM Moscow Owners Manual NCM Moscow Plus Owners Manual NCM Prague Owners Manual NCM Aspen Owners Manual NCM Aspen Plus Owners Manual NCM Lyon Owners Manual
  7. FullyCharged

    Post pics of your NCM ride. (Pictures Thread)

    Just a place where we can share pics of our NCM bikes and setups. Here's some of the ones I have on my camera roll so far.
  8. FullyCharged

    How I bypassed the speed restriction on my NCM 500W/48V Moscow Plus 29er.

    The first thing that came to my mind after my first ride on my 48V/500W NCM Moscow Plus was "How can I make this bike faster?" Throttle was maxed at 20mph(32km/hr) and the Petal Assist top speed was limited to 23mph.(37km/h) I knew the motor was capable of much more to stay within the specs of...
  9. FullyCharged

    Access Settings Menu - NCM 500W/48V Moscow Plus/C7 Display (Stock) YOUTUBE LINK 1. Turn on Display 2. Press and Hold + and - keys for 5 seconds 3. Enter 8018 as 4 digit code. Press set to enter each digit. 4. Use + and - to nav through options. Use set button to enter. 5. Press and hold set to exit with settings saved. Menu...
  10. FullyCharged

    NCM Bike List/Info

    CURRENTLY ON MARKET (AS OF JAN 1, 2020) eFAT: Aspen+ (500W Rear Hub/Das-Kit C7/48V 16Ah 768Wh) Aspen+ (250W Rear Hub/Das-Kit C7/48V 16Ah 768Wh) Aspen (500W Rear Hub/Das-Kit L7/48V 13Ah 624Wh) eMTB: Moscow+ (500W Rear Hub/Das-Kit C7/48V 16Ah 768Wh) Moscow+ (250W Rear Hub/Das-Kit C7/48V 16Ah...
  11. FullyCharged

    Still lots of snow on the trails here in Canada.

    Didn't stop me from taking my Moscow+ out :cool: Had it ripping through 1/2ft snow and ice covered sections without much issues. Being honest I was surprised how well the Smart SAM tires gripped on slick ice. Put 30km on it for its first run around a military base, lots of fun.
  12. FullyCharged

    NCM Owners Thread

    I’m curious to what you all are riding and what you found works (accessories) with your bike. Do any of you have any helpful tips that you found out while working on your bike? Here’s a pic of my vinyl stickerbombed/vinyl wrapped 29er NCM Moscow Plus 48v/500w. Next thing on the list is a...
  13. A

    Looking for an e-bike that can help me go car free

    I've got an old car, that I'd like to not have to replace. I have a short commute to work, about 8 miles round trip, and currently have a road bike. I live in the midwest and don't do much biking in the winter when their is snow since my road bike doesn't handle it well. I've started looking...