new bike

  1. FezUSA

    Finally have an ebike! Bulls Sentinel 2.0

    After renting some bikes last year we ordered two bikes, a Biktrix Stunner LT 20"x4" step-thru, torque sensor for my wife; and a Bolton Blackbird for myself. I knew the BB wouldn't arrive until Nov at the earliest, so I rode my 26yr old Diamond Back Response Sport with my wife. Decided last...
  2. Lencib

    New ride

    Hello. I’m Len from Worcester Massachusetts , I just bought ecotric fat tire , folding ebike first timer,. I love it already. Here the question.. What’s the usual tire fill. ?I don’t want to over fill when it needs air I want comfortable ride but want make sure it’s proper. Air in them...
  3. Epheme

    First ebike : 20x4 vs 20x2 and top speed

    Hi, I’m looking into getting my first foldable ebike and I’m wondering, since I’ll be using it mostly in the city on bike path and paved roads, is there an advantage to getting a folding with 20x4 wheels over one with more regular wheels size (20x1,75 to 2). The longest distance I might have to...
  4. Johnmj1

    Hello from Santa Fe, and a new E-bike owner!

    Flying around the hills of beautiful Santa Fe, on my new Trek Verve +3, my first e-bike. Perfect for getting outside and burning some calories. Love it so far, glad I discovered how much of a difference an E-bike can make. And found out how lucky I am to have found a great local dealer! Now, can...
  5. 1steve7301

    Choosing a first ebike

    Hi, I live in Gilford and after major knee surgery this past January I am looking to buy my first ebike. I have done a ton of research and am trying to narrow down my purchase. My primary use will be hunting with it here in the central part of the state but also up north in Pittsburg where my...
  6. PolarBear123


    Hey guys, I recently got a new eBike, the Yamaha Cross Core. I'm excited about joining this forum! If I have a few questions about my eBike, do I ask them right here, or is there a specific subtopic I should post them under? Thanks!
  7. G

    First E-Bike - $3,000 (or less) budget

    Well designed web site so kudos to the IT guys. I am looking for a hard tail mountain bike. Our home is at 6,550 elevation and all trails are up from here. In the summer, when the snow is gone, I ride between 10 and 25 miles depending on what is on my wife's honey do list. A combination of...
  8. C

    Hi from Colorado - total newbie

    I just inherited a 2012 Easy Motion Diamond Wave 54 -- and I know nothing about it, except that it's too big for me! I'll be posting elsewhere in the forum, seeking tech specs, so we can put it in order to sell it. I want to put the $$ back into a new bike for me -- this one's too big, my...
  9. RCG

    I made the first electric bike!

    I'm 65 years young and wanted to extend my riding radius around my home. I have always enjoyed riding bikes, but I'm not in the kind of shape where I can ride 25 miles a day without a little help. this is where the electric bike comes in. After test driving a number of bikes and reading Court's...
  10. MV94941

    Does it stop being so much fun?

    I got my first e-bike a couple of weeks ago (Trek Crossrip+), and as I'm sure you all know, getting on the bike and pulling away in Turbo mode is So Much Fun! Question is - does it ever stop being so much fun? Will I get used to it and stop noticing? For how long can I expect to enjoy it so...
  11. BlueMoth

    New Buyer Questions

    So I'm thinking about buying an ebike! I need a form of transportation and even a tiny Smart Twofor is starting to sound like too much to me (6k for a used one, registration, insurance, etc.) I guess that's how I've stumbled upon ebikes. The places I'm most likely to go are within ~10 miles of...