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  1. EC2015

    Raleigh Redux iE 2017 - monitor issue help needed

    Hi all, I’m new here and need Your help badly. I have a 2017 Raleigh Redux iE with Brose motor and having an issue with it’s head unit(monitor). I can’t get any power to it. I moved to Japan recently and brought two bikes with me. Both were working perfectly and I ended up selling one since my...
  2. AngeloDeligi

    Daymak EM2 suddenly cutting power

    Hello, recently I got a 2017 Daymak EM2 and I took it for a drive and about 15km in the drive it started cutting power once I gave it too much throttle. The battery is at red when I go full throttle and it seems dead but is a dead battery a possible cause for this? Will I need new batteries...