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    Aventon Pace third-party fenders

    I'm aware that Aventon has their own branded fenders, but unfortunately, as I write this, they have been out of stock for quite some time (at least, for the Pace). On top of that, they are size-specific (and that size-specificity simply comes from the length of the hanger rods that bolt to the...
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    Help me choose (PLEASE) between a Aventon Pace 500, Level, Ride1Up 500, 700, LMTD

    New member here everyone, looking for some help. By going through all the threads, it seems that a lot of people are pretty well versed on these bikes so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm 40, in pretty good shape, ride a non-motorized city hybrid today and looking for a good...
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    Looking for an e-bike that can help me go car free

    I've got an old car, that I'd like to not have to replace. I have a short commute to work, about 8 miles round trip, and currently have a road bike. I live in the midwest and don't do much biking in the winter when their is snow since my road bike doesn't handle it well. I've started looking...